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Sunday Brunch at Bonefish Grill

There is something special about brunch on a Sunday. I’ll be honest: I don’t get the chance to indulge in a lot of breakfast food, so the opportunity to do so mid-day is always nice! And when this brunch happens to be at one of my favorite restaurants…Bonefish Grill…that just makes the moment even sweeter! I present to you: Sunday Brunch at Bonefish Grill…

Bonefish Grill recently added a new menu to their arsenal in select locations: Sunday Brunch! At the locations hosting Sunday Brunch, Bonefish is now opening their doors early from 11AM-2PM to serve up the special menu. The quality and service are the same, but the menu items are new!

Cocktails, teas, coffee, omelets, fritatas…Bonefish is serving them all! I honestly was having a hard time pinpointing exactly what I wanted to try. To begin, we sampled a selection of the brunch menu’s spirit-free drinks. First: the Fresh Blackberry Elixir:

The elixir contains blackberries, coconut water, soda, and is lightly sweetened. The color is beautiful, and the taste is delicious! Justin commented that he could down quite a few of these if left to his own devices. The Blackberry Elixir is definitely refreshing, and a great choice if you aren’t able to enjoy alcoholic beverages during your meal.

The other non-alcoholic beverage we tried was “The Jewel” Thai Iced Tea. I have to be honest: I was a little bit nervous when I heard the word “tea” in the title. I’m not a tea drinker (and neither is Justin). However, I was pleasantly surprised! The beverage contains the exotic spices of Thailand infused with green tea, a hint of coconut, cream, and fresh mint. The flavors almost reminded me of Christmas. It’s a bit more filling than the Blackberry Elixir, but if you like iced coffee or tea, I bet you’d like this drink quite a bit!

As we sipped our beverages, we started our brunch off with an a la carte selection of a chocolate croissant.

This flaky pastry is filled with a sprinkling of dark chocolate and has a Maple syrup drizzle on top. It is a great selection for a treat to split between two people before brunch entrees are served. The croissant is buttery but light, the addition of the chocolate gives it that bittersweet flavor, and the Maple drizzle supplies a hint of sweetness to top it off. What a great combo!

Now, we did want to sample the offerings on the cocktail side of the menu as well. Bonefish Grill’s brunch offers a Fresh Tomato Bloody Mary, a Georgia Peach Martini, Signature Irish Coffee, and Spiked Coffee. And, my favorite option: the bubbles. You can order Peach Bellinis, Mimosas, or Passionfruit Mimosas by the glass OR you can partake in the Endless Bubbles option. A la carte the Endless Bubbles are $12. If you make a brunch out of the Endless Bubbles, $19.90 will get you endless glasses of bellinis and mimosas PLUS an entree of your choice. It’s a great deal, if you ask me!

Peach Bellini:

Passionfruit Mimosa:

Traditional mimosa:

On to the entrees now, shall we? I agonized over my decision for a little bit. The Creme Brulee French Toast with Grand Marnier and orange zest, served with mascarpone whipped cream, strawberries, and bacon sounded amazing, but I passed on it (next time…I must go back) to partake in some eggs. First up: the California omelet.

If you’re one who is partial to the classics, this omelet just might be for you! Fluffy eggs are wrapped around cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, Applewood bacon, and is topped with fresh tomatoes and avocado slices. Omelets are served with toast and your choice of potatoes au gratin or a fruit medley. And can we take a look at how delicious the omelet looks when you cut into it?

Now, if you’re in the mood for something with a bit more of a kick, I would recommend trying out the Western omelet. I’m a fan of all things spicy, so this was right up my alley. The Western is filled with house-made turkey chorizo, cheddar, cilantro, and is topped with ranchero and a light drizzle of lime sour cream. The flavors in this dish are amazing. There is just enough kick in the spices to pack a bit of a flavor punch without being overwhelming. Plus, the turkey chorizo is killer! I love that they make it fresh in house.

When you add those cheesy, delicious au gratin potatoes on the side, it will take you over the edge. In a good way. I was literally attempting to fight Justin away from this plate of food: it was so tasty!

I’m not done yet! Next up: the Shrimp and Creamy Corn Cake! This dish was a no-brainer for Justin to order as soon as he read the menu. The dish contains jumbo shrimp with creole sauce over creamy, cheesy corn cakes. Look at this stunner:

This brunch dish contains two thick grit cakes with corn that are breaded in Panko to give them a nice crunchy outer layer, which is then contrasted by the soft, creamy interior. When the creole sauce is added, along with the sweet peppers and onions on the side, you get quite the flavor combination.

I have one final item from Bonefish Grill‘s brunch menu to share with you. And boy oh boy, is it pretty.

Say hello to the Greek Yogurt Parfait. It can be found on the A La Carte section of the brunch menu, and it is a thing of beauty. This parfait is big enough for one person to eat (if you aren’t in the mood for heavier fare), or is a fabulous item to split post-brunch…as a brunch dessert, if you will!

Greek yogurt is layered in a parfait glass with fresh berries and granola that is made in house. I have to say: I almost wanted to request a separate platter of granola just to eat: it has a great cinnamon flavor and contains plump walnuts in the mix as well. And I say again: just LOOK at how pretty it is! Almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

I’m going to come out and say it: I fully endorse the deliciousness of Bonefish Grill‘s new brunch menu! For someone who loves the service, atmosphere, and quality, made-to-order food that Bonefish Grill normally serves for dinner, I am so happy to have another meal that I can enjoy at the restaurant. There are a variety of items for all to enjoy, the prices are reasonable (entrees range from $8.50-$12.90 if you don’t order the Endless Bubbles) and the brunch menu would be great for couples OR for groups! Definitely check to see if your local Bonefish Grill is serving up the brunch menu, and make sure to head in soon if so!

Thank you again to all of the wonderful staff at the Clearwater Bonefish Grill location for creating and serving us such a wonderful meal! We can’t wait to come back.

Are you a fan of brunch? What is your favorite item to order?

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