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A sassy striped dress

I’m such a fan of the easy, “throw-on” dress when I need to run around town for a few errands. I like to keep it simple, but it’s great...

My Style

Another Marshalls feature!

So, I was extremely excited a few weeks back when I shared my first featured album on Marshalls’ Facebook page. Since I peruse their aisles on pretty...

Tampa Area Restaurants

Clearwater Uncorked

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the first annual Clearwater Uncorked event. It was held on Saturday and Sunday afternoon on the gorgeous (and...

Pets and other animals

Dolphin Tale

Have you happened to catch the trailers for Dolphin Tale yet? It opens in theaters today. They have been airing the previews all over the country, but there...

Tampa Area Restaurants

Clear Sky Cafe

The awkward truth about living in a touristy town like Clearwater is that you don’t really frequent those areas as much as you’d think. Yes...

Our Wedding

Lovely Tonight: Time to Eat!

Dinner time!
I was incredibly excited to see how the tasting stations for our reception turned out. My mom and I had spent a lot of time coming up with the...

Our Wedding

Lovely Tonight: The First Dance

During your wedding planning process, have you ever had an incredible epiphany that is absolutely impossible to get out of your mind? For me, it was the ...

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