DIY Holiday Valentine's Day

Valentine Heart Trees DIY

Valentine Heart Trees DIY

Let the Valentine’s Day crafting continue! I’m diving back into another easy and fun (and affordable) project to set on your holiday table (or mantle or side board or counter…you pick!): Valentine Heart Trees!

Valentine Heart Trees DIY

Aren’t they adorable? Most of the materials for this craft can be found at a craft store or the dollar store, so it’s easy on the wallet, and that is just the way I like it! The colors and patterns of the “leaves” are customizable; each tree can be completely unique!

Valentine Heart Trees DIY

Do you have plans ready for Valentine’s Day yet? I am always a bit torn when it comes to this holiday. As much as I like the idea of dressing up and going out for a fancy meal, I just can’t stand fighting the crowds. Historically, we haven’t had the best of luck with the restaurant scene that day. I remember one year that we decided to go to one of our favorite local Italian restaurants, and then realized once we arrived that they had a set/shortened menu for the evening. I know that it was to expedite service on an incredibly popular night, but my absolute favorite dish was not included on that shortened menu, and they said they wouldn’t make it for me! The sadness!!!!

Since then, Valentine’s Day has been a “stay in for the night” affair, and I am perfectly OK with that. I make dinner – typically a pasta dish, and then we open a bottle of sparkling wine with dessert (usually something chocolate, or maybe some cream puffs this year…with chocolate sauce). We put on a movie, sit on the couch, and simply enjoy a stress free evening. Plus, the process of making dinner is always fun. Now that I have my handy dandy pasta press, making our pasta dinners is even more special. I feel like a little kid with her Play-Doh kit. Do you know which one I’m talking about? I LOVED making those “noodles” and other pressed shapes through those tools when I was a kid…and now my pasta press feels like the same thing, but in an edible (and more grown up) form! Who doesn’t love that?!?!

Valentine Heart Trees DIY

Valentine Heart Trees DIY

Valentine Heart Trees DIY

Annnnnnyway, I’m thinking I’ll be setting our Valentine’s Day table with these cute little heart trees and some candles (being careful not to get flames too close to the paper trees, of course)! A pretty little table for two sounds just about right!

How are you decorating for Valentine’s Day? Will you set your table with anything special?

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Valentine Heart Trees DIY

Valentine Heart Trees DIY
  • Glass candlestick holder
  • Cardboard cone (mine were purchased at JoAnns for 99 cents each)
  • A few pieces of patterned or colored scrapbook or card stock paper
  • Tacky glue
  • Heart shaped paper punch
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Tinsel wire garland (optional)
  1. First, prepare the "leaves" for your tree! Use the heart shaped paper punch to cut heart shapes out of the colored scrapbook paper/card stock. Alternately, you can hand cut heart shapes with scissors.
  2. To create the tree, place a dot of tacky glue on the back side (near the "tail"/tapered end) of a heart. Firmly press the paper onto the cone, starting with the bottom of the cone (the wide end). Allow about ¼ of the paper to stick out from the bottom of the cone to create a scalloped edge. Continue gluing the heart shapes down, letting the hearts overlap slightly so no cardboard will show through. When you finish the ring around the bottom of the cone, begin a new row of hearts above, repeating the process until you have worked your way up the entire body of the cone.
  3. Allow the tree to dry completely (about an hour). If desired, use a glue gun to wrap and attach a heart tinsel garland around the outside of the cone.
  4. Finally, add a generous ring of hot glue to the top edge of a glass candlestick. Carefully lower the finished "tree" cone on top to attach the two pieces together. Allow to dry before displaying - enjoy!

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