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Fancy new chair

A little over a year ago, I showed off a little DIY project I was particularly proud of: a DIY tree stump table. It still remains one of my favorite pieces in our home, and is consistently a conversation piece for those who visit our house.

DIY tree stump table
Here’s the thing: although the tree stump table itself looked lovely, that chair sitting beside it did not quite match. It didn’t match our couch…it didn’t match the mood of our house…it just didn’t match. For months I was determined to locate the perfect replacement to our old armchair. I was just not having any luck.

tree stump table and tufted chair

But of course, Home Goods delivered yet again with an amazing decor find. Of course of course of course. One look at this tufted armchair and I knew it was going to fit perfectly in our living room. Goodbye, old burgundy arm chair! I never looked back. I think it makes a nice complement to our tree stump table, and the neutral chair next to our blue couch was just what I was hoping to find. Add one more item checked off of my list in my quest to complete the decor in our home in 2014. I…can…do…this!

tree stump table and tufted chair
And on a side note: how funny is this image with the pups? Lucia has apparently been relegated to the living room floor while Sherman sleeps in her bed. What a little punk!

What are you decorating in your home lately? Any great new finds?

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