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DIY Dollar Store Party Decor

On Sunday I was able to check one of my 2013 goals off of my list. Now that we’re in the new house, I wanted to throw a get-together and cook/host for a larger group of people than just Justin and myself. Conveniently, my grandmother is in town, and it was her birthday. So, a birthday brunch it was!

dollar store party table decor

dollar store party table decor 2

I probably didn’t need to decorate much, but I couldn’t help myself. With the help from the dollar store, I was able to throw together some decor, and I really like how it turned out!

dollar store coffee filter flowers 2

dollar store coffee filter flowers


Instead of using fresh flowers, I topped the table with blue tins filled with paper flowers. The white ones are coffee filter roses, and the pink ones used the same technique, but with pink crepe paper streamers.

dollar store coffee filter flowers 4

The coffee filters, streamers, and the blue tins were all found at the dollar store, of course! And I couldn’t pass up the adorable floral mini favor boxes I found there as well. I filled each with a few pieces of chocolate (the dollar store candy aisle is my favorite, I can’t lie).

brown kraft paper placemat 2

brown kraft paper placemat

I didn’t have enough place mats to set the table with, so I decided to create my own! I bought a roll of brown kraft paper (again: dollar store!), sketched out a place mat shape by hand, then used it as a template to cut out enough mats for each place setting. I think they looked pretty nifty in the end!

dollar store party table decor 3

Recognize the tablecloth on our table in the kitchen? It’s one of the tablecloths we used on our tables at our wedding reception. We sold most of them to our venue, but kept a few of them. I loved being able to break out the pretty green pintucked cloth again!

dollar store party table decor 4

One other simple dollar store decoration I implemented were some white crepe streamers. I measured and cut them the length of our sliding glass door and taped them next to each other to create a “curtain” of streamers. I still have them hanging right now…I like them!

living room birthday banner

living room

Oh, and there’s a peek at our new couch, curtains, and a verrrry special side table in our living room. I will be sharing how Justin made our stump table very soon, and I have more photos to show it in all its glory…don’t worry!

brunch mimosa 2

chicken and waffles

As for the food? I didn’t get a lot of time to take photos of what I served because…well…I was cooking! But, the menu included Belgian waffles with fried chicken and maple syrup, eggs in purgatory (baked egg with tomatoes, onion, and sausage), a spring mix salad with cranberries, almonds, feta, and a homemade honey lime dressing, and a fruit salad. Not to mention the array of desserts that were presented later on. Oh so much food.

dollar store coffee filter flowers 3

All in all, I think the dollar store did right by me when it came to decor for our birthday brunch celebration!

Do you like using items from the dollar store to decorate your home? What’s your favorite thing to use/make?



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