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Making the bathroom more bearable

There are a few rooms in our house that I have not previously given a preview of. You’ve seen our living/dining room, parts of my office (which is now even more put together: I’ll have to share some updates on that soon), our bedroom (or at least the paint we chose to use) and master bath, a glimpse of our kitchen, and a TINY peek into our second bedroom. However, I purposely left out one other room in our home: our second bathroom.

bathroom before

I never posted photos of the bathroom in the past because of my relative distaste for it. The size itself is nice; it features a shower/tub combo and a large sink/vanity area. However, the specifics within the room are an eyesore. The shower has a glass sliding door, and the previous owners must not have washed them regularly, as the glass is now etched with residue. I’ve tried scrubbing, I’ve tried some chemicals…it hasn’t really made anything budge. I don’t even want to look at it, and I certainly don’t like guests to look at it either.

bathroom before

Problem #2: the tile. Apparently the tile on the floor running up half of a wall was quite a trend for our house (because it is in our master bathroom too). It’s a personal preference, but I really am not a fan. Our tile happens to be a beige/pink hue, and it is kind of overwhelming in such a quantity. The matching pinkish brown counter top doesn’t help either. And then – the brownish pink paint on the wall really puts it over the top.

bathroom before

Ok ok, I will stop complaining. Honestly: it’s not all that bad. Everything functions properly, so it is a useable bathroom and I am thankful for that. However, the plan is to completely gut the room some point in the (hopefully near) future. The ceiling needs to be raised since that room still features fluorescent lighting – problem #3 (like our master bathroom did), and when we go ahead with fixing that aspect, we are planning to rip out everything and start from scratch with aspects that suit our style.

bathroom after

But in the meantime: I could not stand looking at the brownish pink coloring anymore. So – a few quick adjustments were made. We decided to use a simple can of white eggshell paint to cover the walls, and I scoured the aisles of Home Goods for a pretty shower curtain and curtain rod.

bathroom after

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do; it is going to make waiting for the renovation a little more bearable. And the eyesore of a shower has been hidden from view for the moment. The changes didn’t completely transform the room, but they definitely made it look a bit more presentable in the meantime.

bathroom before and after

Have you made small improvements to a room to tide you over before a renovation?


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