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Under construction: our bathroom renovation…

bathroom and bedroom renovation

Things have been a little crazy around the house this past week. It’s finally happened: our master bathroom is now under construction! I honestly was wondering if this time would ever come around. I think we have been talking about remodeling our master bedroom and bathroom for over a year now. The suspense has been killing me, and now the bathroom renovation is underway!

Everything is in motion. Last Sunday we moved everything out of our bedroom and bathroom and attempted to organize it all into our spare bedroom and my office. It was a challenge, but we somehow managed to get everything to fit. Justin and I are now camping out in the spare bedroom for the next two weeks or so.

bathroom shower renovation

On Monday, the demolition began! I was so excited to see everything removed – the bathroom vanity was ripped out (it was not good quality and had a plastic-like veneer on the outside that was peeling back from the drawers), the toilet, the sink, the shower door – everything out! The tile on the bathroom floors AND the walls was torn out: bye bye, ugly tile! Then, the carpet from the bedroom was pulled up, and the hardwood floors that were UNDER the carpet were ripped up and carried out. So, basically our master bedroom and bathroom is a demolition zone for the time being.

This past week the progress has been pretty simple: the demolition of the bedroom and bathroom, and then the start of the shower! I am SO excited to see the finished product. Our shower ceiling was one foot lower than the rest of the ceiling in the bathroom (we actually raised the ceiling in the rest of the room at an earlier date for a quick fix), which was not a great situation. The low shower ceiling meant that it was harder for the shower to air out/ventilate…so the hot and humid air was always trapped inside the shower. Even if we left the door wide open, never shut the bathroom door, and had the fan running, it always seemed to be a problem. Well, our new shower will have ceiling another foot higher, and we are putting in a glass wall instead of a door, so it will always be aired out and open!

bathroom shower tile

As for the tile for the shower, I’m slightly obsessed. I found these wave patterned white tiles, and I love the continuous pattern they make. So far, the tiles are in place, but we still need to have the shower floor put in (and the tile grouted). We have the rain shower head and the valve selected and ready to go…I can’t wait to see how it all comes together! Maybe at this time next week I will be able to show off the bathroom vanity my mom and I found and revamped…the finished flooring…and mayyyybe the rooms will be finished? I might be dreaming at this point, but I’m hoping to see our new rooms complete in the very near future!

Have you done any home renovations? What did you undertake?


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  • Yay, looking forward to seeing the completion and I will be highly impressed if it is done next week. When we gutted our guest bath last year it seemed like it took forever and now with this new house… I think we will be lucky to move in by the end of the summer.

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