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Watch the Holiday Hangout!

I know I mentioned it on Wednesday, but if you weren’t able to join us live on our Holiday Hangout with OXO that evening, never fear! The video is...


How to make your mascara last!

Do you get frustrated when your mascara tube starts to get a bit dry and clumpy after a few weeks of use? I do. I thought I’d share an easy trick to fix...

Pets and other animals

Lucia smiles

I have to share this video with you today, because it is just too funny.
I’ll set it up for you a bit: I had been trying to teach Lucia to...

Pets and other animals

Furbaby Friday

So, all of a sudden a few weeks ago, I came home to find that Lucia had pulled apart some of the laundry bin (I hadn’t finished doing the laundry the...

Pets and other animals


Do you know what I love?
The enthusiasm with which Lucia greets me when I return home every day.

She never fails to put a huge smile on my face. How can you...

Everything Else

Fun with Dialect

Surprise surprise! I hopped on yet another bandwagon here…the dialect vlog that has been going around!
If you haven’t stumbled across one of these...

Pets and other animals

Lucia makes me laugh

I really wish that I could hear the internal dialogue that dogs have.
I crack up every single time that I see Lucia roll onto her back to chew her Nylabone, so...


Menace on the road

So, a funny thing happened on the way to work…and I wanted to tell you about it:

Have you had some crazy run-ins with bad drivers?


Deodorant causes me stress

Well folks, here we have it: my first official vlog post. Get excited.
You’re allowed to judge me on how insane I sound with this story:

Ok – feel...

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