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Do you know what I love?

The enthusiasm with which Lucia greets me when I return home every day.

She never fails to put a huge smile on my face. How can you not love a greeting like that?

Do your pets greet you with enthusiasm too?


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  • I love Lucia!!! My old pup, Friday, used to do an s-walk when I walked in the door…she’d walk over, swishing her butt like a super model, it was hilarious. Then she’d jump on me and go nuts. I miss that.

  • hehehe, how precious! Our dog is 12lbs so she literally will run from couch to loveseat until we show her some love when we get home. My husband always says, “OMG, please pay attention to the dog before she has a seizure”, because she goes NUTS. But seriously it is the best greeting to come home to. Our furbabies love us <3

  • The joyful door greeting is one of my very favorite parts of being a pet owner! It really does make me happy every day that someone in the world is THAT excited to see me (even if someone is a dog).

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