Deodorant causes me stress

Well folks, here we have it: my first official vlog post. Get excited.

You’re allowed to judge me on how insane I sound with this story:

Ok – feel free to tell me how crazy I am…you know you want to.


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  • You have to let the gel kind dry before you put your shirt on! Then you won’t get wet marks on your shirt.

  • Love the vlog. You are so cute 🙂 I am obsessed with alternating deodorants – you know fake my body out so it doesn’t get used to one. Ha I’m crazy. I’m hooked on Dove Clinical Protection stuff bc its not as harsh and intense as the Secret (which sucks). It doesn’t leave white marks bc its not a solid – it is white though so you have to let it dry for a minute before something else on. It says you are supposed to put it on at night but I just put it on after my morning shower and it works fine.

    Wow long comment about deodorant – sorry I’m bored at work 🙂

  • I was the SAME way about my foundation! Estee Lauder made the best matte mousse makeup and I wore it for years, then they discontinued it. 🙁 I bought it from every store that still had it, bought it on Ebay, and even bought the GIANT sample bottle they had behind the counter at Macy’s… the chick totally sold it to my under the counter…cash only. Even with all of that, my supply last only a year. 🙁 Sad .

  • You should email Soft & Dri and give them a link to this post. Maybe they have a supply in some storage closet somewhere they could send to you for being such a devoted customer! 🙂

  • You are too cute. I’m kind of obsessed with a nail color too – it was the perfect color pink & one of those everlasting enamels that never comes off till you scrub it with a cottonball full of remover? It’s the best in summer cuz it lasts forever. Of course I stock piled but I only have ONE bottle left!! It’s a darm good thing I’m getting married soon – I dunno what I would’ve done w/o it for my wedding & honeymoon! LOL

  • Hahaha. I agree with the gel=wet pits comment. I use Dove and am so paranoid of white spots that I have a ridiculous OCD way of dressing in the morning… almost like the commercial where the girl jumps into her clothes? Anyone seen that? yeah… totally me!

  • Finally catching up on blogs today and um, again love you. I use Dove and I HATE the crap it leave behind but after searching and searching I just caved because I’m a lady that needs the deodorant. Sometimes I’ve worn the hubs because ya know they have clear gel which I totally don’t understand since guys don’t really wear sleeveless tops and wouldn’t care if they got crud on their clothes anyway. I got super excited when you shared the brand and thought to myself that I would go to Target this afternoon and get some to try…then I heard it was at Dollar Tree and thought I’d go there…then I realized this was a year or so ago. Sad Face.


    YOU ARE ELAINE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Elaine from Seinfeld who found out they were discontinuing her favorite birth control sponges and stocked up and would only get with guys who were “sponge-worthy.”

    Seriously have you seen that ep?

    I die. I love you. You are far cuter than in college by the way, if that’s even possible. HAVE I TOLD YOU I LOVE YOUR HAIR!?!?

  • 1.have you checked its where products go when they die! the website lives for it, there are millions of people like you!

    2. i love your faces!

  • OMG, KATIE, OMG!!!!!!

    I admit I normally read blogs at work over lunch so I finally sat down to listen. Holy Macaroni and Cheese, Batman! KJ’s right…you are ELAINE!

    Ok, you totally made my night. I don’t feel bad about my quirks anymore. 🙂

  • You should try clinical strength deodorants…you put them on, let them dry for a few, and then voila! Also, if you get any on your shirt, you can actually wash it off AND it comes off! Otherwise, I just googled the soft and dry pulse, and you can buy some on Amazon!

  • I have no idea why they don’t have clear gel solids on the market for women, but Men’s Speedstick Original is, to my mind, a perfect deodorant. No residue, no wetness, and smells FANTASTIC. Plus, you can rest assured it’ll never be discontinued.

    Yeah, it mind sound a little unpleasant to some women to wear men’s deodorants, but really, if you think about it: 1) the fragrances are designed especially to be attractive to women, which is convenient; 2) they don’t have any of those oily moisturizers or skin-improving ingredients that turn into white residue on your favorite sweater.

  • You are so cute!! Just found your personal blog, but follow you on WB! You are cray-cray! Can’t wait to read through your archives!

  • OMG! You and I are so alike. Krystal ( sent me your link because I was blogging about this today! That is my FAVORITE deodorant and works amazing, I can’t find it anywhere but online now… haha I’m kinda jealous you have the stockpile but maybe Soft & Dri will see how much we miss this deodorant and bring it back 🙂

    • There are some sites that still have it for sale, amazingly! You should check it out and start your own stockpile! 😉

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