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Something old made new

I’m taking a break in my regularly scheduled wedding recaps to share a recent project with you!

Once the wedding was over, I found myself wondering what to do with all of the “leftovers.” My parents’ house was replete with about 50 centerpiece vases, ceramic birds, and the like. And one of the largest leftovers? My wish tree guest book.

My parents and I had created a beautiful wishing tree out of manzanita branches, spray paint, moss, and a pretty blue ceramic pot. It looked fantastic sitting in the front entryway of Carlouel before our ceremony/reception. See?

Pilster Photography

But…what to do with it after the wedding is over? I’ll admit – it sat in my parents’ garage for a few months. However…now that Christmas is right around the corner, my mom and I put our heads together to think of a new use for our tree! All it took were a few gold and silver glass balls…

and maybe a few jewel ornaments…

Annnd, voila!

Manzanita Christmas tree

Our little manzanita tree is now on display in my parents’ house for the holidays!

I hope all of you out there are having a happy holiday season!

Did you find a creative use for some of your leftover wedding items?


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