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It is no secret that I absolutely love ice cream. I eat a small scoop of frozen yogurt pretty much every night for dessert…and I jump at any opportunity to visit Dairy Queen or our local “you say when” yogurt shop. Heck, I even love a plain vanilla cone from McDonald’s off of the Dollar Menu (it’s the only thing I ever go there for).

Apparently Lucia has adopted the same penchant for frozen treats. (P.S. – did you know that if you have your pup with you at Dairy Queen they will give him/her a small cup of ice cream? They call it a “pup cup,” and it is free!) My girl knows what’s good…

 Look at her…eyeing the prize…trying to look extra cute and hoping that I’ll be generous…


 The problem here is that I really love a good ice cream cone, and I don’t like to share. How selfish of me…


 But you know what? I can’t resist that little face. Darn her! I caved and let her have the bottom bite of my cone. Aren’t I nice?

Does your pet love ice cream or other cold treats?


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