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Florida State Fair: the Pigs

Hold on to your horses, folks…because I am about to SLAY you with the following photos.

A trip to the Florida State Fair wouldn’t have been complete without seeing some animals. And I assure you, I have more photos to share…but I wanted to dedicate this post to what was perhaps the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and immediately rendered me into a crazy woman who babbled in baby voices.

Do you see what that is? Yes…it is a pile…of baby pigs…only a few days old!

Be still, my heart.

Justin and my mom pretty much had to drag me away from their pen, because I was contemplating jumping the fence, scooping up these little guys, and making a run for it.

But not before we saw them feed…mommy pig just crashed down on the ground (she was HUGE), and all of the little pigs’ heads popped up. Then, they all got up and walked over to mom together for an afternoon snack. This little guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time when mom laid down though….help!!!

I’m pretty sure that I need to convince Justin to buy me a teacup pig. I need a good argument.

Ok, so now that I have you dreaming about having a pet pig, I promise to share the rest of my cute baby animal photos with you…next time. And just to tide you over…

If you could have any non-traditional house pet (lets pretend that it would be legal…and safe), what would it be?


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  • OH MY WORD I want the brown one! You could always tell Justin that pigs are honestly very clean creatures — we just have a tendency to portray them otherwise. Also, pigs are incredibly intelligent.

  • My sister has sworn for years that one day she will have a minature pot belly pig. Really though they are super trainable and not that different from a dog/cat.

  • Those little guys are too cute!

    My friend had a pet goat growing up.. I used to laugh about it but I kind of think it would be awesome to have one now 😉

  • I love those baby pigs! I want one! I would have a baby pig. I would also like to have a baby lion and maybe a baby cow. Can I just have a million baby animals? They are all so cute! Also, your post about deep frying made me really hungry yesterday! Ive heard deep fried snickers are amazing. Do you like fried pickles? Theyre not as unhealthy as all the things you showed us, but I think theyre delicious!

    • Clare – yes! I’ve had fried pickles before, and they were definitely yummy! I considered buying some at the fair, but my belly was wayyy too full!

  • Holy mackerel those baby pigs are adorable. GAH! If we’re pretending it was legal/safe to have a wild animal as a pet, I’d totally go with a jungle cat of some type – leopard, lion, that type of thing. They’re so beautiful and graceful! I’d say a giraffe, but really…the ceilings in our house aren’t that tall. 😉

  • Ohmygosh, those are soooooo cutie-patootie!!! Did you know George Clooney had a pot-bellied pig for a pet for like, 15 years or something? Random fun fact of the day 🙂 My choice would be wierd but I’d love a bear- the cubs are so dang cute!!!

  • Okay, this is going to sound weird, but… I really want a raccoon and a skunk (deskunked, of course). I just think they are so adorable, but I know from firsthand experience that raccoons are INCREDIBLY messy so that won’t be happening. I’d settle for a dolphin and a polar bear. 😉

  • eeeek! How adorable!!!! hmmm, well this may come as no surprise, but I would really love to have a baby koala, those things are so adorable!!!!

    I’m not going to be able to eat bacon for like a month now 🙁

  • I have always wanted a pet penguin! I tried to convince my mom when I was a child to get me one, and she tried to explain how they needed a cold climate. I told her the penguin could just live in our freezer LOL 🙂

  • I LOVE pigs! Someday, I want for us to have a little hobby farm (except that all of the animals will be strictly pets, not food), complete with goats (for mowing), sheep (just in case I decide to become an amateur yarn maker), pigs (to hug!), horses (to ride), chickens (for eggs) and bees (for honey). It’s totally realistic…

  • SO CUTE! I want one now, thanks for that! If I could have any animal for a pet, I’d totally want a monkey. A teeny-tiny monkey that doesn’t throw poop or do any of those other weird monkey things. One that is just cute and cuddles with me. 🙂

  • So much cuteness! I just want to snuggle with them!

    As for an untraditional house pet… R and I joke that it would be awesome to be rich enough to have one of those 2,000 square foot terraces in the $12 million dollar condos by us, and then I could keep my horse on there. Not really, that’d be a recipe for disaster, but I hate having to drive 40 miles to see her!

  • OMG I NEED ONE! Actually, I’ll take any mini animal. I love them all. Claire’s family has a lake house and their neighbor used to have a mini-goat. So cute! Kinda smell…but definitely cute!

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