Christmas Holiday

Scenes from Christmas

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful (and long) holiday weekend! I thought I’d share some of the highlights from my own…

On Christmas Eve, we decided to take Lucia to the dog park for a while. Since she would be spending the evening in the company of Stuart and Theodore, we wanted her to run off some excess energy. We picked up some ice cream cones from McDonald’s on the way home, and Lucia was really upset that I wasn’t very willing to share with her (don’t worry, I gave her the bottom of my cone. I’m not that mean).

On Christmas Eve, my family tends to make a big Italian dinner. This year, we decided to make turkey meatballs…and homemade pasta! My mom purchased the pasta attachment for her KitchenAid and we had a lot of fun making pasta for the first time from scratch!

Meanwhile, Theo and Stuart spent some time sleeping. On another note, Stuart is in need of some happy thoughts and prayers this week; he has a hernia and will be having surgery to fix it tomorrow morning. My poor little puppy. Thankfully, he has his Thundershirt to comfort him…

Christmas morning involved a beautiful breakfast spread: homemade waffles with fruit and whipped cream, bacon, and mimosas. Yum!

Justin and I had a busy (but great) day filled with visiting two families for Christmas. We left my parents’  house after breakfast to eat lunch and open gifts at my in-laws’ home…

After socializing for a few hours, we returned to my parents’ house for dinner and more present opening! Justin continued his tradition of giving me amazing gifts that put mine to shame. Not that I’m complaining…he wowed me with a new stainless steel All-Clad pan with a copper core. I’m so excited…as you can tell…

He also surprised me with two pairs of gorgeous earrings: big beautiful citrines and green quartz. Love love love.

I also acquired a new iPhone case…just the one I was wanting!

Finally, there were a lot of puppy snuggles going on. Thankfully they all got along (5 dogs in one house…)!

 All in all, we had a wonderful and fun Christmas this year! I always love being able to enjoy time spent with family…

…and also: cookies. Lots of Christmas cookies.

Did you receive any wonderful gifts this holiday season? What is your favorite?




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