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Our mercury glass Christmas tree for 2016

Mercury Glass Christmas Tree Balsam Hill

So…even though Thanksgiving is technically this week, I already have Christmas on the brain. Here’s an important question for you today – are you one of those people who put up their Christmas decor the day after Thanksgiving…or do you wait until December is in full swing? In my case I can’t wait to put up all of the Christmas cheer around my house! Seeing the twinkling lights and sparkling ornaments brings me such joy. And this year I’m going to have a little extra beauty involved with my mercury glass Christmas tree!

Mercury Glass Christmas Tree Balsam Hill

I’ll backtrack a bit for those of you who may not be familiar with my husband and me. We got married in 2010 (coming up on 7 years…wow!), and I had a big hand in sourcing and setting up the decor for our wedding ceremony and reception. One of the huge elements with our wedding decor involved mercury glass. My mom and I scoured stores all over the Tampa Bay area to collect any and all mercury glass vases we could get our hands on to place on our tables as part of the centerpieces. Ever since our wedding, I’ve had a very special place in my heart for mercury glass. I even saved a large number of the vases and I bring them out on special occasions!

Mercury Glass Christmas Tree Balsam Hill

Fast forward to this year: I had the pleasure of partnering with Balsam Hill to put together an absolutely gorgeous Christmas tree in my home. From the get-go I was head over heels for a number of trees available on their site: no matter the height, width, or style, they are sure to have what you need. Flocked trees, pre-lit trees, slim trees, tall trees – you name it, you’ll find it! Our existing tree (which is now officially our “bedroom Christmas tree,” because – why not?) is flocked, so I wanted to opt for a more traditional, green tree that was slim enough to not overpower our small living room. Ultimately, I selected the Calistoga Fir, which is pre-lit with white lights.

Mercury Glass Christmas Tree Balsam Hill

I’m just going to throw this out there – I’ve had an artificial tree ever since I moved to Florida (about 17 years now), and the quality in my trees has truly run the gamut. Without a doubt, the Calistoga Fir from Balsam Hill is the nicest one I’ve owned. My parents were over at my house a few nights ago and they were also marveling at how great it is! The tree assembled in three easy sections, and the easy plug system meant that I only had to connect one plug to an outlet to light the entire tree. There is also an ample amount of lights – I didn’t even feel the need to add extra strings (which I have done in the past with other trees…they weren’t bright enough)! And can we talk about the texture of the needles? The tree is actually very soft! I am so accustomed to sustaining a few scrapes all over my arms when I assemble the Christmas tree, but I was unmarked after this experience (plus they include two sets of gloves for you to wear when shaping the tree – nice!).

Mercury Glass Christmas Tree Balsam Hill

It should not come as any surprise that after perusing the many amazing options for ornaments on their site, I could not resist Balsam Hill’s French Country ornaments.

I mean…aren’t they just BEYOND beautiful? the French Country ornaments come in five different styles: I selected the ombre and the foil. The subtle ombre from silver/white to pink is soft and pretty, and they are a perfect pair to the slightly brighter foil ornaments. As soon as I opened the box and unwrapped the ornaments, I was blown away with the quality. They are sturdy, well made, and I know they will last for years to come. When they are paired with Metallic Berry picks, it gets even more extraordinary. I also have to mention our “tree skirt” – we opted this year for a tree collar! I have always fought with tree skirts in the past – between dog hair and vacuums accidentally sucking up corners of the skirt, I had had quite enough. I was SO lucky to find this amazing tree collar, which covers the base of the tree and keeps everything looking clean and fun! It even matches my dining room chairs, so I was tickled when I put everything together.

Mercury Glass Christmas Tree Balsam Hill

Sometimes keeping things simple is the best, isn’t it? My tree really didn’t need much more other than these gorgeous ornaments and berries. I filled in some extra spaces with some sparkly icicles and some mercury glass pine cones I had in our ornament collection from previous years. It all came together so nicely, and even though it’s maybe a FEW days early to have my decorations up, I am not one bit unhappy about staring at my mercury glass Christmas tree every night.

Mercury Glass Christmas Tree Balsam Hill

So – are you ready for the holiday season to begin? When will you be setting up your decorations?


***Disclosure – Balsam Hill provided me with a tree and ornaments, but any and all opinions and experiences are my own!***


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  • Beautiful, love the tree and your ornaments. It looks so classic and timeless, you did a beautiful job. Sorry if this is a duplicate comment, I am having puter problems and not sure if my comment went through the first time. 🙂

  • I was wondering if you had as much trouble as many other customers of Balsam Hill’s. I for one did not get to see their amazing tree as two weeks later I am still waiting on my order and had to go elsewhere for my Xmas tree. Trustpilot is full of miserable customers unable to get in touch with the company. Would be nice to know how you got on with them.

  • I have decorated a small Frozen tree the last few years ago using only mercury glass, glass icicles, & glitter-covered leaf garland. The grandkid loved it. This year I am going to mix in some ornaments to coordinate with the room decor. Doing the tree today so will see how I love it. Rainy here for the next few days so great time to decorate inside. So little time so much to do!

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