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This summer, I succumbed to a trend. I was fascinated by it; I was unable to avoid the allure. I’m talking about rompers. Playsuits. Call them what you want, judge me if you desire, but I had to have one.

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I searched high and low for the perfect romper, and I finally found one that fit the bill. This strapless gray and navy patterned romper had my name all over it. It’s comfortable, it’s light (which is essential in the Florida heat), and I love it is pants instead of shorts.

Patterned romper: Forever 21, $19.99

Beaded necklace: Francesca’s, $24

Yellow handbag: purchased at T.J. Maxx

I do want to note that I am wearing an awesome pair of Tahari heels with this outfit, but Justin is still learning how to take pictures properly and kind of cut them out of the shots. Anyway, one important thing about rompers is that pairing them with heels will make the piece look more sophisticated. Wearing this romper with flip flops might not give the same effect.

And I know that many of you are going to ask, “but how do you go to the bathroom if you’re wearing a romper?” I’d like to refer you to this article if you’re wondering the answer to that question.

So tell me: were you intrigued by the romper trend recently? Have you worn one, or would you buy one to add to your wardrobe?


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  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who wonders about the bathroom situation! You make it look so cute, I think maybe only you and my 2-year old daughter are the only ones sometimes. I still haven’t given in.

  • Okay so I’ll put romper on my list (along with a maxi dress). If you, being short, can do it, maybe me…being a couple inches shorter can do the same and not look ridiculous.

  • HA! Love that article. I can’t really get on board with the romper trend (they’re too similar to jumpsuits, and I can’t get on board with those either), but you do look really cute!

    • I know, right? I was devastated when I realized that he cut my feet off in every single picture! Oops…I’ll have to have a re-do!

  • Yes, I have been buying rompers this summer, but not for myself — for my baby. 😛 Because I really can’t imagine how rompers could look good on a short, pregnant woman such as myself. But on Claire, they look adorable…not to mention, most of them come with snaps or buttons for easy diaper changes. (Could cute buttons be a solution to the adult version of rompers too? Hmm…)

    • Haha! Now that is an interesting thought….it makes me think of those footie pajamas with the snap flap bottoms…

    • Ah, glad I’m not the only one who isn’t bothered. I mean, who is peeking in on you in the bathroom to see? If someone is doing that…romper or not…you’ve got a problem on your hands.

  • I was skeptical of it at first, but when I saw how cute some of them can be, I took the plunge bought a couple. I love, love, love them!! super comfy and a simple summer outfit.

    • Yay! I definitely was won over by them. I will say that it did take me a while to find the right one. I have a really long torso, so many of the rompers I tried on were too short in the tummy, which would lead to camel toe or a wedgie. Noooo thank you!

  • On you, it works – very cute! However, here in LA they’ve become a huge trend and the ones with the big flappy parachute pants have taken off!!! I think these kind are darling and it’s just the next evolution of the maxi dress, but with the flying squirrel pant/wing things it’s a little extreme!

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