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Happy Thoughts for my Theodore

It all started a few months ago. One day while talking to my mom on the phone, she mentioned that Theo had started walking awkwardly. It seemed as though he had hurt one of his back legs, and he was hobbling around on only three. When the problem persisted, she took him to the vet. Essentially, she was told that he would require surgery to fix his leg, but he could immediately throw it out again in the future. So…since he wasn’t in any pain…we left it as-is. Over time, he started using the leg again (although not quite as dominantly), but every once in a while you’d notice him hobbling on only three.

Anyway, on Thursday evening when my dad was taking the pups outside before bed, Theo turned quickly around a corner on the sidewalk and threw out his OTHER back leg. Fabulous. Thankfully, my parents informed me that he seemed relatively unfazed by the situation, as he began hobbling around the house…and even started bringing toys over to my mom and dad for him to play fetch with. He didn’t seem to be in pain…just unable to walk properly.

On Friday, my mom brought Theo in to the vet, who informed her that he has a total torn ligament in his leg. It requires surgery to fix. Oh, my poor baby! The vet referred us to a surgeon in the area, and an appointment was made for today. Theo is going in for a consultation this morning, and the surgeon will perform the procedure this afternoon. I hope that he/she will be able to fix both of Theo’s legs, not just the one that he injured recently.

So, hopefully everything will go smoothly this afternoon, and my little guy will be back to his regular self in no time! However, if you have a spare second today, would you please send some happy, positive thoughts over to my sweet little teddy bear? I’d really appreciate it (and I’m sure he would too)!


***Update: 10:00am – My mom just called after the consultation, and Theo will be in surgery this afternoon. Apparently the surgery is relatively “common” and it is the least invasive knee surgery he does. Theo has what is equivalent to a torn ACL in a human, as well as a kneecap that slides around. The surgeon said that he should get back to about 90% of the mobility he used to have before the injury, so that sounds like good news! We’ll hear more news later this afternoon after he gets out of surgery.***

***Update: 5:00pm – Theo is out of surgery and is awake! The surgeon reported that his knee is fixed and the ligament is repaired. My mom will be picking him up tomorrow, and hopefully he’ll be on the fast track to recovery! Thanks everyone for the kind words today!***

Have you had a pet undergo surgery in the past?


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