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Chiffon, shorts, and some sparkly flats

In the past few months, I’ve really developed a love for shorts. For years I had ignored them: I had flashbacks of the ugly pleated khaki shorts you used to wear as a kid at camp. Yeesh.

But guess what? There have been so many awesome shorts out there this year. Bright colors, flattering cuts: you name it! And they aren’t always casual. I love that I can dress them up just a bit if necessary. This pair of black shorts from J.Crew did just the trick.

Every once in a while, wearing black from head to toe can be the right thing to do. I adore wearing color, don’t get me wrong! But, every woman likes a little bit of classic black in her wardrobe, am I right?

Chiffon top: GAP Outlet (previous season, similar here) // Camisole: Converse, purchased at Target // Shorts: J. Crew (similar on sale for $29.99) // Studded handbag: purchased at T.J. Maxx (similar here) // Glitter ballet flats: UNISA, purchased at T.J. Maxx (similar here)

And can I just take a moment to gush about these shoes? Be still, my heart. I saw these glittery beauties on the shelf at my local T.J. Maxx and my heart started palpitating. When I slipped them on and realized that they had a nice amount of padding, were flexible, and fit my foot like a glove, I had to have them. And with a price tag of only $29.99 they definitely did not break the bank. I am normally not much of a “sparkly girl,” if you will, but these glitter flats are just the right amount of bling for me, and I love how they punch up my outfits! *Sigh*

Would you wear a pair of glittery shoes?



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