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Case of the Mondays

I don’t know about you, but I think Lucia has a case of the Mondays.

Lucia australian shepherd

Sometimes I am actually excited about Monday – a chance to get the week started on a productive note. But some Mondays arrive and I just feel the drag…sitting on the couch and watching a marathon of some random TV show on Netflix sounds much more desirable. Or on a day like today when it is bright and sunny before 8am, I just want to take my pup out on a walk or out to pet beach for the day.

As soon as I spotted the look on Lucia’s face this morning, I had to snap a few pictures to share. Her case of the Mondays is apparently strong enough that she didn’t feel the need to even move from her spot on the floor when I laid down next to her with my camera. I’m sure it’s just the crazy dog mom in me that thinks this – but I swear…her face can be so expressive at times and I feel like she can get a point across to me with just a look.

Lucia australian shepherd

Sorry, Lucia – maybe we’ll go out later. You’re breaking my heart when you lay by the sliding doors and look outside like this. Don’t worry about her though guys – she’ll get to play in the backyard in a bit!

Lucia australian shepherd

How’s your Monday going so far, everyone?


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