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Case of the Mondays

I don’t know about you, but I think Lucia has a case of the Mondays.

Lucia australian shepherd

Sometimes I am actually excited about Monday – a chance to get the week started on a productive note. But some Mondays arrive and I just feel the drag…sitting on the couch and watching a marathon of some random TV show on Netflix sounds much more desirable. Or on a day like today when it is bright and sunny before 8am, I just want to take my pup out on a walk or out to pet beach for the day.

As soon as I spotted the look on Lucia’s face this morning, I had to snap a few pictures to share. Her case of the Mondays is apparently strong enough that she didn’t feel the need to even move from her spot on the floor when I laid down next to her with my camera. I’m sure it’s just the crazy dog mom in me that thinks this – but I swear…her face can be so expressive at times and I feel like she can get a point across to me with just a look.

Lucia australian shepherd

Sorry, Lucia – maybe we’ll go out later. You’re breaking my heart when you lay by the sliding doors and look outside like this. Don’t worry about her though guys – she’ll get to play in the backyard in a bit!

Lucia australian shepherd

How’s your Monday going so far, everyone?


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    • Ok, so I’m not alone! 😉 Haha, I swear we have conversations. Even though they’re most likely one sided because I just talk to her…she does vocalize sometimes and it cracks me up. Perhaps I need to leave the house more. 😉

  • HI Katie, what do you do for a living? I am a longtime reader and have always wondered – either that, or I have missed it every time you may have mentioned it!

    • Hi Malo! I am a freelance writer and social media manager. It’s fun to get varied projects to work on, but also challenging to make sure I secure projects consistently. I do love that I get to work from home though, although beautiful beach days really do call my name to leave the house and not be productive… 😉

    • It’s funny how accustomed Lucia is to the camera/even my iPhone now. She…knows. We were at the farmer’s market the other week and someone asked to take a picture of her. As if on cue, she sat down and turned her head right at the iPhone and held perfectly still. If only I could get every dog I want to take a picture of do that…

  • Total case of the Mondays here. Starting off with a trip to the doc, not good. Your Lucia is just beautiful! Love these pics of her. My dog totally has expressions too and she loves to sigh dramatically which cracks us up.

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