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What They Don’t Tell You About Having a Dog {Alison, Lean Wallet Lean Body}

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Ben the Pug was a big surprise. Well, more like a 15-pound (amazing and lovable) surprise. But a surprise nonetheless. My boyfriend (now hubster) surprised me after 5 months of dating with the arrival of Ben. I came home from errands one day to find an adorable pug wrapped up in a bow in my living room.

Me reading the note “from” Ben. (I was stuck in a rainstorm, not sweating profusely.)

Our first family photo!

Cue life-changing event.

I never had a dog growing up. We were those cat people. I now realize cat people was code for we-don’t-want-to-be-tied-to-a-tight-schedule people.

This was one of many things I found out about having a dog after the fact.

The first night Ben was in our lives I was so paranoid about him being lonely that I attempted to sleep on the floor next to him to make him more comfortable. This was unsuccessful. Neither of us slept that night. And I cried thinking that I was the worst pug mother ever.

He can even pout.

I soon realized that people taking their dogs on walks don’t tell you exactly how long they’ve been out with their beloved animals before the dog decides it’s ready to use the (natural) facilities. I’m fairly convinced that Ben can tell when I really, really, really need to leave for work and decides that that would be the exact time to take the scenic route.

I also didn’t get the memo that Pug brains don’t operate on the sleeping-in on weekends concept. Monday morning is the same as Saturday morning. This is where Ben and I disagree. Many mornings I’ve tried to negotiate how much fun it would be for Ben to sleep just an hour more. This almost always ends with Ben winning, me bundling up, and the two of us heading out for our walk.

No one tells you all that stuff because there is absolutely nothing in the world like coming home to the tail-waggin’ and puppy kisses.  No matter how many hour-long walks in the rain, 4:00 am feedings, or countless messes cleaned up, you forget every bit of the challenges when your pup curls up next to you and makes any moment or day just perfect.


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