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It has been a rough week

If you’ve been keeping up to date withΒ  me via Twitter, you may have noticed my distressed messages on Tuesday afternoon regarding our dog, Lucia. Long story short, she was “sick,” from both ends, all over our apartment…and I was officially having the worst day of my life on Tuesday. Don’t believe me? I’ll tell you the sordid tale:

I love how I said I thought the massacre was over. I was SO wrong. Yesterday, Lucia was a very light eater, but seemed to be getting better. Then, sadly…this morning she woke Justin and I up to another mess in her crate. And, of course…as soon as we let her out of the crate so we could clean, she proceeded to get sick even more…all over our apartment. So, I took her to the vet today, and hopefully she will be feeling better very soon. She told me that she is very appreciative of all the well-wishes thus far:

So, again, thank you everyone for your concern regarding our pooch! Hopefully she’ll be better soon so I can get back to writing, instead of cleaning the carpets…


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