Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner

The second book I tackled this year happened to be a thriller by a #1 New York Times bestsellling author: Lisa Gardner. The book is called Touch & Go, and I was oh so happy to turn the pages and get into the excitement of the story!

Touch and Go book cover

I’m a big fan of psychological thrillers, and Lisa Gardner definitely delivered in her latest book. Touch & Go focuses on the Denbe family: a wealthy family that has it all – a beautiful home, a successful construction company…but there are secrets and problems behind closed doors. When Libby and Justin Denbe return home from a date night, they discover their front door is open. Justin, Libby, and their daughter Ashlyn are overtaken by a group of intruders and are taken captive.

The thrill of Touch & Go is not only wrapped up in the mystery of finding out who is behind the kidnapping of the Denbe family (with no witnesses, no ransom demands, and seemingly no motive for the kidnapping, investigator Tessa Leoni has her hands full), but as time passes the secrets and struggles the Denbes have been hiding from one another also come to the surface. The captors are a frightening bunch of well trained, military types who have clearly done their homework regarding the family, and the actions they take with the Denbes are not only chilling but confusing – why are they holding the family hostage? The story in Touch & Go is multi-layered, and the twists and turns unfold at a quick pace. It really does keep you guessing until the end. I had my suspicions throughout the book (and I ended up being right), but I found myself doubting my intuition constantly. Good job, Lisa!

If you can’t already tell, I really enjoyed reading Touch & Go. It was definitely a page turner, and I love that it kept my mind spinning as the story played out. Come to find out, the character of Tessa Leoni (the investigator) is a character in a previous book of Gardner’s – Love You More. Have no fear: not being aware of her full story is not necessary for Touch & Go, but Lisa hints at Tessa’s previous exploits and has me wondering. I think I know what one of my next books on my “to-read” list is…

So, if you’re looking for a new psychological thriller to keep your mind spinning, pick up a copy of Touch & Go!

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