The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

Now that 2013 is in full swing, it is time for me to start reading again! Last year, I made it my goal to read 12 books in 2012. It wasn’t a huge goal, per se, but it was one I knew I could achieve and would get me back into the habit of reading regularly (a passion of mine that had gone by the wayside over the years…life gets busy, you know?). Since I ended up reading 16 books in 2012, my first inclination was to increase my goal for 2013. However, I am keeping it to 12 again, as I think reading one book a month is a reasonable goal to achieve, and if I surpass it yet again I will be happy! I never want reading to feel like a chore – it is something I love to do!

The Thirteenth Tale book cover

Anyway, my first book of 2013 was The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. What a great way to start off my year! The Thirteenth Tale is a gothic suspense novel, and it definitely pulled me in. Margaret, a young Englishwoman, is called upon by famous author Vida Winter to pen her life story. Vida Winter is notoriously mysterious about her past; every time reporters schedule interviews she makes up new accounts of her life that are false. However, now that she is gravely ill, Miss Winter wants to tell the real story.

The Thirteenth Tale is the story of Vida Winter, as transcribed by Margaret. The plot twists and turns as family secrets are revealed. I have to say – I was not expecting the outcomes that appeared on the pages. I really enjoyed how the secrets unfolded gradually – the reader gets snippets of the truth that build throughout the novel. The story has an eerie quality about it, which I found appealing. The mystery of it all drew me in!

So, would I recommend giving this book a read? Sure! I definitely enjoyed turning the pages of this one.

Have you read The Thirteenth Tale? What did you think?

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