The Fault In Our Stars

I am still on my journey to reading at least 12 books in 2012, and I have the 3rd installment of my quest to share with you today!

The Fault In Our Stars is a young adult fiction novel by award winning author John Green. It follows the story of Hazel, a 16 year old who is suffering from terminal lung cancer. Hazel has a somewhat harsh, yet honest, view on life and her medical situation. The novel revolves around the relationship between Hazel and Augustus, a handsome cancer survivor she meets at a cancer support group meeting. They realize they share a fondness for quirky humor and adoration of a book by a particular author. As the reader, you follow the relationship as it blossoms, even under somewhat grim conditions; they are living life even though they are constantly being exposed to death. You become invested in Hazel and Augustus’ quest to find out answers from an author who is seemingly reclusive (and you even find yourself becoming invested in their search for closure).

The novel shows a good deal of contrast: there are highs and lows throughout the story. John Green’s characters are dealing with a serious topic (cancer, death…and love too) but he approached the tale with his quirky, slightly sarcastic, and at times humorous protagonists. I appreciated the realness of Hazel’s character, who manages to see humor and live life amidst tragedy. Because it is young adult fiction, I found the book an easy read; the tone is conversational in nature and it flows easily from page to page. If you’re looking for a book to add to your beach bag, this could be a great selection for you!

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  • I also have a goal of 12 books in 2012 and when I joined GoodReads and made it official on their count I suddenly felt that my goal was super lame, since most people’s goals for 2012 were listed at 50+! So I’m glad to see we are on the same reading schedule. For me it’s been a good goal, and I’ve made more time for reading, and its been great! I might even exceed it 😉

    • I know, right? Everyone has such a large number of books as their goal for the year, but I know if I try to achieve that, I’m just setting myself up for failure! I am glad you are on the same schedule as me: I figure that one book per month is reasonable…and if I exceed it I’ll be very happy!

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