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Advice for your first Pure Barre class

Advice for your first Pure Barre class

So – the new year is in full swing. Have you made some fitness-related goals? Have you started them yet? Perhaps one of your goals is to try something new. Maybe you’ve become intrigued and want to try something new. Perhaps it is a barre class, like Pure Barre. Fantastic! I know I am a bit biased since I am a teacher myself, but I can’t help but be excited when I see how Pure Barre is becoming so well known around the country. It’s no surprise to me why: it’s effective, it is low impact, and it literally transforms bodies. I could go on and on about why I love Pure Barre, but for today I thought I would send out some helpful advice in the form of 10 tips for your first Pure Barre class that hopefully can be put into use when you step foot in your local studio! Don’t be afraid – get excited! The first step is always the hardest.

Arrive 10-15 minutes early. No more! Trust me – that is plenty of time. But also try to avoid running in two minutes or less before class. You want to be able to meet the teacher, fill out paperwork, tour the studio, go the the bathroom, and calm your nerves. 10-15 minutes is the perfect amount of time to do all of those things.

Advice for your first Pure Barre class

Bring socks. They are your shoes for the class. Trust me: you’ll discover you want the sticky socks for future classes, but you will be FINE with regular socks to start. If you happen to have a pair of black socks in your drawer, perhaps go ahead and wear those, as they will blend in a bit more with the Pure Barre sticky socks, which are also black!

Wear capris or pants. Pure Barre classes can involve an extension of your leg and other positions that might make you uncomfortable if you are wearing a loose pair of shorts. In addition, it is important to keep your muscles warm during class, so long pants (or at least capris) will achieve that.

Spit out your gum and set your phone on silent. It might sound silly, but it’s important. Your time in class is all about you, so don’t bring your cell phone into the studio: you can answer texts and emails after class. And please please PLEASE put your gum in the trash can before class starts if you have any. Your teacher will probably ask you to spit it out anyway, so save her or him the awkwardness of having to do that.

Advice for your first Pure Barre class

Get a spot by the mirror. Yeah – you heard me right. I actually recommend this for EVERY client, new or old. The mirror is a great tool in Pure Barre: it helps you get into perfect form and allows you to check in with yourself as you go. The only person looking at you in the mirror is YOU (and the teacher) – I promise. The allure of hiding in the back of the room is strong for many people, but if you want to get your best results, get a spot by the mirror and USE it!

Listen to the setups and cues. They are EVERYTHING. “Heels together, toes apart.” “Feet hip width apart parallel.” Foot positions and body positions set you up for success, so keep your ears open during every part of class. In addition, teachers will give you extra Easter eggs of advice to get you to work even deeper – listen for them!

Advice for your first Pure Barre class

Corrections are POSITIVE! “The teacher is correcting me?!?!?! I must suck!!!!” Nope: untrue!!! It can be unnerving at first when a teacher comes up to you, places their hands on you and adjusts your body position. It is a GOOD thing though! This is why we are here as teachers – this is what you are paying for! The teacher is trained to assess your body alignment, correct it, and then push you even deeper once you are in perfect form. Embrace the corrections!

It takes a few classes to get the hang of it. Everyone is different. I LOVED Pure Barre after class #1, but some people take 5-10 classes to begin their love affair. That being said, you HAVE to give Pure Barre at least 5-10 classes before you decide how you feel about it ultimately. Every class changes and you really won’t fully understand it if you have only one class under your belt. Take advantage of your studio’s New Client Special – it is a GREAT way to get started and to get into your journey with Pure Barre. Plus, it will give you enough time to fully appreciate all the benefits and allow you to feel and see results! Trust me, once that starts happening, you’ll be hooked!

Advice for your first Pure Barre class

Take this time to focus on YOU. To me, those 55 minutes of working out in a Pure Barre class is a time to completely focus on one thing and one thing only: myself. I don’t need to worry about the grocery list, I don’t have time to think about the emails I need to respond to…all I need to do is listen to the teacher and worry about getting the very best workout I can for the time I’m in that studio. It is something we rarely do, and is one of the reasons I love the workout so much (aside from the awesome results)!

Relax and HAVE FUN! That is seriously what it is all about. Talk to others around you, make a new friend or two, and just allow yourself to be a newbie. Personally, I think the first step into the studio is the hardest. Once you’ve made it into class, it can all come naturally from there.


So…what do you think? If you are also a barre enthusiast, are there any other tips you’d add for those who are about to attend their first Pure Barre class?



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