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Staying hydrated in the summer!

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Staying hydrated in the summer

Let’s talk about hydration. It’s essential for every single day of the year, but it is even more important during the hot summer months! Not only is the heat intensified, but (for me) the summer tends to be filled with activities. It is so easy to get caught up in your day and you forget to fuel yourself and treat your body kindly by providing it with hydration. So – staying hydrated in the summer – how do you do it? I’m taking action thanks to CVS pharmacy!

Staying hydrated in the summer

Do you keep track of the amount of water you drink every day? I do! I know it sounds somewhat nerdy, but the benefits of being fully hydrated are too great to cheat yourself on. I try my very best to get at least 8 8-ounce servings of water throughout the day, and most days I actually go above and beyond! However, it can be difficult to keep a tally on certain days when my schedule has me in the house, out at the studio, running errands, and more. So, getting a tracking system involved is essential!

Let’s talk about a daily routine for optimal hydration (at least, in my house). Here are some of my best tips for getting your daily fill (and make sure you check out more HERE)!

Start early. I start my day with a serving of water. Yes – right when I wake up! It kick starts my day, and prepares my body for my morning workout. I continue to drink water throughout my class, and then make sure I down at least another serving afterward! Sometimes it’s a good idea to drink a sports drink that will help replace electrolytes post-workout (which is where vitaminwater comes in handy). And do you know what’s convenient? There just so happens to be a CVS pharmacy in the same plaza as my Pure Barre studio, so I can literally walk around the corner to pick up my daily hydration before or after class! I can stock up on smartwater, vitaminwater, Honest Tea, and Gold Peak with a promotion CVS¬† pharmacy is currently running – 4 for $5, plus $2 of ExtraBucks. Oh yes!

Staying hydrated in the summer

Maintain hydration throughout the day. Don’t wait until you are feeling thirsty to drink up – at that point you are already dehydrated. Drinking continuously throughout the day will make sure your body is fully energized. Sip continuously as the hours pass. Pretty soon it will become a habit, and you will have no problem consuming the recommended amount each day!

Staying hydrated in the summer

Label your servings. If you think you won’t remember how many servings you’ve consumed, lay it out for yourself so it’s a no-brainer! Pick up a set of fun sticker labels to help with the process. I was able to find these fun patterned ones, but you can simply go to the office supply section of CVS pharmacy and pick up the solid colorful labels (like you may use when you have a garage sale to label items) instead. All you need is a permanent marker or pen to number each label. For me, I determined I need to consume four different bottles of smartwater or vitaminwater in order to stay fully hydrated throughout my active summer day. I labeled my bottles 1-4, in the order I expected to drink them in. To start my day: smartwater. Then, after my workout: vitaminwater to gain electrolytes. For the rest of the day, back to smartwater.

Staying hydrated in the summer

Staying hydrated in the summer

If labels aren’t up your alley, there is another simple office supply you can use to keep track of your hydration intake: rubber bands! You can place two bands on each bottle of smartwater or vitaminwater (depending on the size of the container). If you are like me and are constantly carrying a reusable bottle with you throughout the day, as you fill it you transfer the rubber bands onto the reusable bottle. By the end of the day, you should have 8 bands on your bottle! You could also just transfer them to your wrist or somewhere else if you don’t use a reusable bottle as well – whatever works for you!

Staying hydrated in the summer

Staying hydrated in the summer

Thankfully, staying hydrated in the summer is really simple thanks to CVS pharmacy. You can pick up your daily dose of hydration there (just like I did), and use your CVS ExtraCare card for extra savings. You can purchase 4 smartwater, vitaminwater, Gold Peak, and Honest Tea (any combination) for $5 and receive $2 off your next visit to CVS pharmacy via ExtraBucks. It’s a no-braniner to pick up one of the ExtraCare cards for the savings – I’ll take them (deal valid from 6/18-7/25)! If you don’t already have a card, you can easily sign up for a CVS ExtraCare card, and the best part is, it’s free!


Do you have any tips for staying hydrated through the summer months? Be sure to check out all of the ideas on the #Hydrationtogo social hub – which is your favorite?


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