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Short man

Stuart is a miniature dachshund. He has a long nose, a really long torso, and extremely short legs.

His stubby little legs make it hard for him to sit and shake…sometimes it is difficult to tell if he is even lifting his paw!

Stuart is also the biggest scaredy-cat I’ve ever encountered. He constantly has a worried look on his face, and I have even seen him be startled by seeing his own shadow (true story). However, aren’t his little hobbit feet cute?

Even a leaf in the yard can startle him (at about the 25 second mark)…

There is one thing that little stub legged Stuart isn’t scared of. That would be: lizards. We have them in abundance outside in our yards in Florida, and he would literally spend all day outside “hunting” them if we allowed it. To date, I’ve only seen him catch one (I promptly screamed and made him drop it: the lizard was fine…don’t worry), but it’s all about the chase, right? He really cracks me up.

He’s a little stinker.

Is there a particular breed of dog that cracks you up (in a good way of course)?


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