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Saturday Sweetness

I’m just doing a quick drive-by post this Saturday so Justin and I can run a few errands and enjoy the sunshine.

At this time last week, we were stuck inside in the rain with 6 dogs. Yep – 6 of them! Two of which I managed to snag some picture time with…

Sweet little Ari, who makes me actually like chihuahuas. I mean, look at that face!

And speaking of faces, there is a new girl in town. Her name is Leya, and she is the new addition to my brother’s family of pups. She’s an Australian Shepherd mix…but what she’s mixed with, we aren’t sure. Any guesses? All I know is that she has some striking green eyes on her…

I’ll have some more pictures to share soon, but if you’re looking to scroll through more animal cuteness to brighten your day, click here to see my archives.

Happy Saturday, everyone!


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