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Puppy cuteness overload

Today I simply want to kill you with cuteness.

Everyone needs a little bit of puppy love in their life, right??? I’ll start with Lucia, but she really isn’t the star of the show today. I just have to include a picture of my pretty girl for posterity (P.S. I can’t believe she is 4 years old)…

The cutie pies that will knock you out with their insane adorableness happen to belong to my brother and his girlfriend. Ari and Leya were nice enough to pose for a few pictures for me…

Don’t hate me for saying this, but I usually am not a lover of chihuahuas. A terrible generalization, I know…but let me tell you – Ari has made me change my mind, at least a little bit. I’m in love with this dude. He’s a spunky little guy, and he loves to snuggle. His ears are so big and expressive.

If there is a blanket on the couch, he’ll snuggle himself up underneath it. When we were pet sitting the pups a little while back, I couldn’t stop laughing after Justin went to sit down on the couch and all of a sudden little Ari’s head popped up from underneath the blanket. Justin jumped about a MILE. Thank goodness he didn’t sit on him!

But now…this little lady is the newest addition to the family. Her name is Leya, and my brother and his girlfriend adopted her from a shelter. She’s part Australian Shepherd, and we have no idea what else – any guesses?

I dare you to tell me she isn’t a little model. Look at those eyes! Seriously…

She can be silly too though. And fierce…

Are you passed out from all the cuteness overload yet??? Hope it brightened your day! Now, go give your pets a little snuggle for me!


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