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Meet Kona

I don’t know about you…but for me, it is almost impossible to top the cuteness of a puppy. How do you resist them???

For his birthday a few months ago, my little brother received a new addition. A four-legged, furry addition which he has now named Kona. Kona is a border collie, and he is such a calm little puppy. Come on…look at that face!!!

What a little puddin…

He sleeps…a lot…

He totally has the shifty eyed look down pat…

When Kona first met Lucia, he was absolutely terrified. I guess I can’t blame him: she is large in comparison to the pup, and she was getting all up in his business from square one. However, after an hour or two, they seemed to have become friends.

That, or Lucia was just very greedy and wanted to steal Kona’s bed from him…its hard to say.

How much do you love puppies?


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