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Meet: Bailey

Happy Friday everyone! Today, I want to introduce you to a very handsome fellow – Bailey.


Bailey is a Weimaraner, and doesn’t he just look like a distinguished gentleman? I have always loved the unique color of Weimaraners, especially the way their eyes show such expression (and are a pretty color to boot).




I love the sweetness in Bailey’s eyes, as well as his intensity – he definitely was focused when a treat was in his proximity!


If you notice the white mark underneath Bailey’s neck: he has a story behind it. A little while back, he and his sister Kailey were bitten by a rattlesnake in their backyard. I know that rattlesnakes exist around these parts in Florida, but I’ve never encountered one (I’ll include alligators in that list as well – thankfully one has never gotten close to us. It happens though). It is amazing that both of them survived and are healthy, happy pups. He has the badge of courage to show for it.

Bailey running


By the way: how can you not love the pure joy he has running down the dock near his home? You can just see the big smile across his face. Yes…I do believe dogs smile. Don’t you?

Bailey and Kailey

And don’t worry: I won’t forget about his sister. You can see a peek of this adorable English Springer Spaniel…she’s coming soon!

Have a wonderful weekend! Will you be spending some time in the sunshine?



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