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Lucia loves the backyard

For a while now I’ve been spending Fridays sharing various house projects and updates. Not today! Lucia hasn’t made an appearance in a while, so it is time for her to come back and say hello!

That, and I think my furbaby is just so pretty. I know, I’m biased.

Our new home has a fenced in backyard, and it is officially Lucia’s new favorite place to spend her time. I let her out to enjoy the backyard once or twice during the day, and it is always hard to coax her back inside.

Usually, Justin and I catch her laying in a beam of sunshine, basking in the rays. It is absolutely adorable. I usually won’t bother her, but the other day I was too tempted: I broke out the camera for a bit of fun.

Lucia Australian Shepherd

As hard as I tried to get Lucia to look at me and to move out of the sun, she absolutely wouldn’t. My gal loves the sunshine, I’m telling you!

I’m so happy my little Lucia has a place she enjoys with this new house. I always felt bad about the lack of space in our old apartment. I knew she must have felt cooped up a little bit in there, and now she really has space to run and be outside without being on a leash. So nice.

Does your pup love to bask in the sunshine too?



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  • What great pictures of your girl! Our Amber loves to be out in the fenced yard at my parents’ house. Hoping in another year or so we can fence in our yard – I know she would love having unrestricted access all the time.

    Too funny about Lucia not looking right at you, most times our dog does that too! Even with the camera on the phone!

    • She’s a funny one. She will usually look at the camera for me, and I’m not sure if you can tell by these photos, but she was staring up into the sun…I could not get her to change direction! She loves having the sun on her face…lol!

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