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Lucia and the pig

Happy Monday everyone! Here’s a question for all of you dog owners out there: does your pup like to play with toys?

pink pig dog toy

When it comes to Lucia, I feel like she’s a bit of an oddball. From an early age, Lucia has not been extremely interested in toys. They actually tend to scare her a bit at times! For some reason, stuffed toys with squeakers (or rubber toys too) that would usually make any other dog go nuts in excitement are completely boring to my Lu. I mean, if I were to give the same toy to Theo, he would immediately attack it, rip out the stuffing, and pull the squeaker out.

pink pig dog toy

Forget about fetching. Lucia will chase a frisbee or ball a few times…but then plops herself down in the yard and refuses to continue. I guess she knows what she likes and doesn’t want to be bothered with other things, perhaps? However, Lucia DOES love to chew on bones – we managed to find her a really thick, real bone that she chews on occasion. But really, only on occasion.

Pink pig dog toy

I will say – there is something about a cute stuffed toy that does eventually win her over. Marshalls sent along this adorable pink pig toy for Lucia to play with, and I have been hoping two would become fast friends. Although she won’t be fetching it, squeaking the squeaker, or pulling it apart, the pink pig has actually taken up residence on Lucia’s dog bed, and I do see her picking it up, rolling over on her back, and playing with it between her front paws. She’s a peculiar one, that Lucia.

So I’m curious – do your dogs like to play with toys? What is their favorite?

***Disclosure: I have received free products or value from Marshalls or The TJX Companies, Inc. in connection with my affiliation with Marshalls Project FAB.


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  • That’s very interesting! I’ve only ever known one dog that doesn’t like to play with toys. Otherwise, my dog does the same thing Theo does – she completely tears apart her toys just to get the squeaker. 🙂

    • My very first dog, Kesha, didn’t like to fetch/play with toys either! I don’t know why…so strange! The other 3 dogs I’ve had/have are all fans of toys, so it makes no sense, haha!

  • Clyde is EXACTLY like Lucia! He will not touch a toy, will not play with anything, and when we get something with a squeaker, our cat Darwin is incredibly interested. He takes it and trots around the house with it in his mouth! Clyde, not at all. He eats raw hides and is constantly looking for pets. No playing, though. Even his stick-chasing is like you described. A few times… Then plop. 🙂

  • A month ago we adopted a 6 month old sheltie. I have never known anyone else with a sheltie so I went to the internet to read up on the breed. I read that many working breeds are play averse and actually have to be taught to play/interact with toys starting at a very young age. Shelties ,for example, are often trained for agility but unless they have been “taught to play” a sheltie couldn’t care less about climbing ramps, jumping over hurdles, or going through tunnels. My own thought is that maybe working dogs don’t play with toys because that instinct wouldn’t be desirable (shaking the sheep around would probably be frowned on). Retriever type dogs, on the other hand, go with their instinct to grab a toy, a duck, a shoe. Just a guess. 🙂 Lucia is beautiful!

    • Wendy – ok, that is really interesting, and I hadn’t thought about that! I think you’re on to something perhaps. Thanks for sharing that!

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