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Love is: the beach

This weekend marks two years…two years since the day Justin and I had our first fateful meeting on Honeymoon Island’s beach. It is really hard to believe that so much time has passed since that day; it feels like just yesterday that I was walking this little guy…

And Justin was walking this adorable little girl…

(shocking that I talked to a guy with a cute puppy, right???)

The beach has always been a place we love to go together, and that still rings true today.

It is peaceful…


Things have certainly changed in our lives in the past 24 months, but the beach has remained the same. I still get a little flutter in my stomach when I see this handsome guy walking towards me (hubba hubba!).

Gosh, I’m lucky.

Our beautiful pup still loves to be the center of attention…

She must have been a model in a former life, because I SWEAR she poses for pictures. What a diva.

And, I still attempt to not get my hair messed up when I go for a swim. I’m vain.

So…here’s looking forward to many more family trips to the beach in our future.


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  • You and Justin really have *the* cutest “how we met” story. Happy beach anniversary!

    On a related note, I want to go to the beach all the time and be that tan. Pretty jealous of your life.

    • I pretty much want to be that tan all the time too. I panic when it starts getting cold here and I can’t continue going to the beach. I don’t advocate for tanning beds. However, I am also very blessed with easily tanning skin with my olive complexion…so I manage to keep up the tan for a while…and then I turn green. Ughhh! 😉

  • i love your “Picturesque…” photo of the beach, so pretty! happy 2 years, i love “looking backs”- you two seem so perfect together! i love it. 🙂 xo -A

    • Thanks! 🙂 The odds were certainly against us (who meets a complete stranger with no mutual friends randomly one day…then ends up marrying them?)…but we’ll have a great story to tell our kids I think!

  • BEAUTIFUL PICS! And happy two years!!!! Our meet-a-versary is April 20 🙂

    Did you edit these photos at all in photoshop? You need to tweet me how you processed them. I still want your DSLR!

    ALSO love your hubby’s hair… it looks different, I think it looks great!

    • Oh my goodness – I love that you noticed Justin’s hair! I encouraged him to grow it out, and I LOVE it in its “longer” style! He always used to have that super short military-esque buzz cut. It looked good, but I think this looks much more…sophisticated? I don’t know the word I’m looking for.

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