Lifetime Movies sucked me in

How many of you tuned into Lifetime on Monday night to watch the movie about Amanda Knox? I’ll admit: I DVR’ed it…because I’m a big dork.

As soon as the movie started, however…I smacked my head with my hand. Was I really that dumb? I hadn’t realized that the murder and trial involving Amanda Knox took place in Perugia. Consequently, I had been on a trip to Perugia with my family just one year before this happened.

We stayed in a villa out in the country for almost a week. It was wonderful…everything was insanely beautiful. I am quite sure that I could have picked up and moved there in a heartbeat. I still would today. Well – I’d have to learn how to speak Italian first…and be able to take my family with me…

Seriously, it was kind of strange to go back through my photos from our trip and compare the shots that we had taken during our stroll through the city (like the ones on the Perugia Wikipedia site). Here is the Palazzo dei Priori…

Some of the medieval aqueducts…

Our trip to Perugia took place in July of 2006; I secretly wish that we could have been there in October to attend EuroChocolate, their annual chocolate festival (which, if you saw the movie, they were trying to depict in one of the opening scenes), which happens to be one of the largest chocolate festivals in Europe. Ah, maybe some other time?

Another fun fact about Perugia? Perugina, a famous chocolate company (now owned by Nestle), is located there. Have you ever had a Baci? They look like this, and they are delicious:


We actually toured the chocolate factory during our stay. I was hoping to be like Lucy and Ethel and stand behind a conveyor belt filled with chocolates…but that didn’t happen. Darn!

Anyway, watching my little Lifetime movie made all of my memories from our trip to Italy come back! Hopefully it wasn’t my last visit to the country…

And, because I have to know your thoughts, do you think that Amanda Knox did it? I don’t know…I kind of feel like she didn’t, but I’m probably 100% wrong!


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  • I was sucked in as well. I really didn’t know much about the story. I can’t really tell based on what the media has put out there whether she is guilty or not. Some evidence points to yes, other evidence points to no. I seemed like her and her boyfriend did a lot of drugs, so maybe that could contribute to her becoming a killer. Maybe someday we’ll learn the true story…

    On a side note, your pictures from Perugia are beautiful!

  • I believe she had a role in the commission and cover up of the act… however I don’t think that without a full confession from any of them we’ll ever know for sure the exact details of what happened.

  • So I was reading that and immediately had to look up were Perugia is, but I should’ve read a little more and then I would’ve seen it was in Italy. I may need to get the info on the villa you stayed at 🙂 Looks gorgeous there!

  • I totally got sucked in by the Amanda Knox movie as I too DVRd it and watched it last night … if you do some googling you’ll find that a lot of the things in the lifetime movie were TOTALLY made up. She def didnt buy drugs from that guy and her and her “boyfriend” had only known each other for 6 days!! I don’t know what to believe but def am not basing my decision off the lifetime movie. Although I totally loved it!!

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