My Travel Bucket List

I’m dreaming of far away lands today….

Someone take me on a vacation? Ah, that sounds nice right about now.

Capella Ixtapa

I’ve been thinking about a “travel bucket list” a lot lately. There are so many places in this world I’d love to visit and things I’d like to experience. So, I thought I’d make a list and perhaps start working on crossing a few of them off over time. Obviously, my list of places I’d like to see is probably just a dream and not a reality, but it doesn’t hurt to hope!


What places are on YOUR travel bucket list? Any ideas of must-see spots I should add to mine?

Within the United States

Maine – (Justin has visited numerous times, but I’ve never been!)


Oregon/Washington – to visit wineries!

Louisiana – New Orleans (Justin has never been)

Nevada – Las Vegas (I haven’t been since the 8th grade. Time to go as an adult)

Georgia – Savannah

South Carolina – Charleston (Justin has never been)

Texas – Austin (I don’t remember being there even though I was born in TX)

Colorado – Denver…or Aspen for the Food & Wine Classic, of course

Hawaii – (Justin has never been)



Italy – (I’ve been, but I want to visit with Justin and experience more)

France – (I’ve been to Paris, but want to take Justin along and see more of the country)

Mexico – we visited Capella Ixtapa, but I’d love to see the Riviera Maya

New Zealand


England – (I’ve been to London, but want to visit again with Justin)


Costa Rica


French Polynesia – Bora Bora

Canada – (Justin has been, but I have not! Not sure where I’d want to go though!)




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  • Great list! A lot of those places are on my list too. You should definitely come to New Zealand! But not my town because it’s boring 😛 The rest of NZ is cool though 🙂

  • If you go to Canada, Niagara Falls, Toronto or Montreal are great places. Even Ottawa was amazing. As for my bucket list, Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Prague are on my list!

  • Katie,

    You must visit Victoria in Canada… It’s absolutely beautiful and reminds me of a sunny London. It’s also great because if you visit Victoria it’s just a ferry ride away from Seattle (great food and city; and who doesn’t love fresh coffee?) and it’s not far from Alaska either so it’s a great spot to cross off both your Canada and Alaska trips! Cannes, France is also very beautiful… It’s a harbor city and it’s also great for food!

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