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It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means that many of you out there are about to embark on some travel! I’m not going to get into how much I dislike airplanes and long car rides; instead, I wanted to focus on fashion choices you can make during your travels that keep you looking sharp without making you uncomfortable.

Here’s my head to toe travel look I recently wore:

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Hair: I always wear my hair down when traveling. All it took was one time wearing my hair in a bun to learn my lesson; it was a constant struggle between being able to use the headrest on my seat/possibly ruining my hair-do and sitting up straight the entire flight. I didn’t get to sleep on that particular trip. Oops.

Eyes: If you wear contacts like I do, a travel day is definitely the right time to break out the specs. There is nothing worse than the feeling of a dry contact lens suctioning on to your eye for dear life…

Wrap: I like to wear/pack a pashmina or a scarf with me when I travel. I wear it around my neck, but I like that I can also remove it and use it as a blanket over my legs as well.

Sleeves: Whether it is long sleeves or a sweater/cardigan, I always like to have sleeves on. Airplanes (and hey, cars too depending on who you’re with) can get chilly, and you can’t always count on there being a blanket for you. Even if you’re traveling to a warm climate (we were on our way to Mexico), you can always change/remove it when you arrive.

Stretchy pants: Yep, I said it. Stretchy pants are my friend on road trips and airplanes. Whether it is a pair of leggings or yoga pants, something with stretch is always a good idea. However: I suggest to avoid wearing a worn out pair; you still want to look put together! I’ve actually had great luck with athletic leggings lately, instead of “regular” ones. They are usually a bit thicker, with a wide waistband – go check out the athletic section next time you’re at the store!

Feet: I always bring a pair of socks with me, even if I am wearing flip flops. Cold feet are never fun to have, and stuffing a small pair of socks in your bag won’t take up much space. Also – if you have an item that is rather bulky, I suggest wearing it while traveling! In this case, I needed to bring my boots with me for horseback riding. Instead of having them take up my precious suitcase space, I decided to wear them!

Glasses: Warby Parker Colton in Whiskey Tortoise, $95

Scarf: Xhilaration, purchased at Target, $9.99

Striped Henley: Merona, purchased at Target, $12.99

Athletic leggings: purchased at T.J. Maxx, $16.99

Cowboy boots: Maripe, similar here

Carry-on bag: purchased at T.J. Maxx

Do you have any tips for staying stylish during travel? Please share them!


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  • I’m diggin’ those boots! I also bring socks! I really like to travel in flip flops, I guess so I can slip them off and curl my feet up underneath my legs, but my feet get so cold, especially on planes.

    • I usually travel in flip flops as well! So, having those socks are essential. This was probably the one exception to my flip flop rule: I needed the space in the suitcase, so I opted to wear the boots!

  • This is a great travel outfit! I usually wear something very similar when I travel because I want to feel comfortable and relaxed. And I usually always wear flip-flops or boots because I never want to hassle over shoelaces when going through airport security!

  • I’m totally with you. We just got back from lots of traveling (airplanes and 16 hour car rides) and comfort is key. Stretchy pants and scarves are a must 🙂

  • I’m late on this post but I love the outfit. I usually wear ballet flats because on those 10 hour flights, you have to hydrate a lot and have to go to the bathroom a lot. It’s easier to slide my feet into my flats than taking off my socks and putting my flip flops on. I love the boots and could see wearing them on a short flight.

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