Capella Ixtapa: The Accommodations

It has taken me far longer than I’d like to admit to get around to posts about our vacation. It took us so long (a year and a half) post-wedding to actually take a honeymoon; there was a lot of planning involved, as well as a lot of non-planning (aka “we’re just going to have a good time and not schedule a lot of things”). I’m not sure that my photos and words can do Capella Ixtapa the justice it deserves, but I’m going to try my best.

I’ll let the pictures do (most) of the talking though…

Capella Ixtapa is a small hotel built cliffside in Ixtapa. Not only is the scenery gorgeous, but the hotel itself matches the area’s beauty. It has glowing reviews on the various travel sites we researched, and when an amazing deal popped up on Luxury Link, we were hooked. We had the pleasure of experiencing two different rooms during our stay…

We started out in a Deluxe Ocean Front Junior Suite. From the moment we walked into our room, we were impressed. The exterior door opens up onto a generous porch area with an infinity pool…

What a view, right? From the porch, you continue on into the bedroom. Upon our arrival, we were greeted with some canapes and a bottle of champagne, as well as some special “decor” on the bed…



After a long morning/afternoon of travel, having some snacks ready for us in the room was fabulous. Afterward, we decided to take advantage of our little infinity pool…

For some reason, the pool ledges were just asking me to stand on them…living dangerously…


 One of the aspects of Capella Ixtapa that sold us on it was a 5pm perk: every day they deliver fresh guacamole, salsa, and homemade chips to your room…along with beer. However, since Justin and I don’t really like beer, they were kind enough to provide us with margaritas and wine! I looked forward to this delivery every…single…day…


Our time in the Deluxe Ocean Front Junior Suite was short-lived though. Upon returning to our room after dinner the first night, we noticed that a wall hanging had fallen off the wall and shattered a glass vase all over the floor of our room. The staff was extremely quick to come clean it up, but with the bad luck I have, about 5 minutes later I managed to sit down on a chair where a shard of glass was missed and I cut my leg open. The folks at Capella Ixtapa immediately asked if we’d like to change rooms…to a penthouse suite…

We said yes.

Now, I want to make this clear: we would have been INSANELY satisfied with our first room. However, the penthouse suite? Incredible. There are 5 of them at Capella Ixtapa (they are the suites you can see in the top level of the first photo – our room was the 2nd to last one on the right.



My favorite part of our suite was definitely the infinity pool. It was clean, cool, and the view was oh so INCREDIBLY gorgeous. We pretty much just spent our time hanging over the edge and watching the waves crash on the rocks below. Oh, and dancing around in celebration of how awesome our room was…








 We did this pretty much every day. Why go anywhere else when your room is so incredibly amazing? Sunshine, food, an infinity pool, and a great view: together they make an awesome combination!








 Sigh…can I go back now?

Coming up next: the food, the activities, and my overall thoughts on the trip!

What is the most beautiful location you have traveled to or would like to travel to?



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  • Aaaaah the rooms look amazing! And the guac/beer ritual? Love it. But….no beach? What else is there to do, other than hang in a room? I’d love to go here but I need a beach too. Would you recommend it for stuff like that or just for hanging out at the hotel?

    • There actually was a beach, but it was a bike ride away down the road. Capella Ixtapa has bikes on-site that you are welcome to use for free! However, we just never felt compelled to go (since we live right by the beach here in FL). They also had two large infinity pools at the hotel as well, along with padded lounge chairs and some cabanas for everyone to use. Again…we didn’t even use them…I blame the penthouse for making us hermits…

  • Can you invite me next time? Pretty please?! This is GORGEOUS! I absolutely love the photos – you definitely did it justice, they’re amazing.

  • Holy COW!!!!! This looks absolutely amazing. That guacamole dellvery…..! I’ve always wanted to see an infinity pool, too.

  • Unreal…what an amazing beautiful location and property. And if that wasn’t enough I was totally sold on the guac, chips and margaritas!

  • Gah! Your regular room was amazing- and then you get the penthouse suite! Nice… although not about the glass lol. Nice to see they have such great customer service

  • Oh wow – what an amazing place! That is exactly what I want from our belated honeymoon/1st anniversary trip that we’ll be taking next March. You’re making it very difficult not to just book this place now!

    • Seriously – if you’re thinking about it, look at Luxury Link (if you’re not already signed up, click through from this post where I linked up…I always love a referral bonus 😉 Luxury Link is constantly running good deals for Capella Ixtapa, and if you knew what we paid for the entire trip and all of the extras we managed to add on, you’d be shocked (in a good way). If you have any questions, feel free to ask 😉

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