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Leftover Halloween Candy Cookies

With holidays, sometimes a learning process has to be involved. In 2013, it was our very first year in our house during Halloween. I was excited to finally get some trick-or-treaters at our door. To prepare, I purchased a few bags of candy to have on hand. We didn’t have an overwhelming number of visitors, but there was a somewhat steady stream throughout the evening. This year, I repeated the same process – I filled a big bowl with candy and had it on hand by our door. And we got three…yes…three trick-or-treaters. Not three separate visits. Three kids total. So as you can imagine, I now have an insanely huge amount of leftover candy. So what should a girl do? Make leftover Halloween candy cookies, that’s what!

Leftover Halloween Candy Cookies

They aren’t anything fancy – I took my classic chocolate chip cookie dough recipe and instead of adding chocolate chips, I chopped up Crunch bars and Baby Ruth candy bars to serve as the chips instead. But oh boy, do I love how they transformed what is your everyday chocolate chip cookie and made it something different than what I’m used to. I like both varieties, but I have to say I think the Baby Ruth version is my favorite. When the candy bar pieces melt down as the dough bakes, it creates a chewy, delicious bite.

Leftover Halloween Candy Cookies

I definitely needed some sweets on hand this past week. I usually don’t have a lot in the house, but I admit that I was glad to have them in reach these past few days. Last Monday, I was brushing the dogs’ teeth and realized that my poor Lucia had cracked yet another tooth. This one was a front tooth (the previous two she had to have removed a few months ago were back teeth). I have no idea how it happened, and I felt terrible that it probably took me a few days to realize what happened. Of course, a trip to the vet ensued on Tuesday, and on Wednesday I had to bring her back in to have it removed. Poor girl! So, I wasn’t feeling too happy with myself about that; the guilt was making me feel kind of cruddy. And on top of it I was just having one of those weeks when nothing I did seemed to go right! I couldn’t get on top of things; laundry piled up, emails stockpiled, and I was feeling pretty run down in general. Oh cookies – how I needed you!

Leftover Halloween Candy Cookies

The funny thing is, even though I made a regular sized batch of these leftover Halloween candy cookies, there is still a HUGE bowl full of candies left. Perhaps another batch is necessary? Perhaps, perhaps. I mean…I need to make my way through that candy bowl, right???

Have you been baking with your Halloween leftovers?

Leftover Halloween Candy Cookies

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