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High-low Chevron

So – the high-low trend has been taking over clothing racks everywhere. It seems like any store I go to offers at least one piece featuring a high-low hemline…whether it is a shirt, a skirt, or a dress. I succumbed to the allure of the trend when I spotted this chevron print dress:

The extra length in the back is actually quite fun, just for something a little bit different. It’s definitely the first time I’ve tested out this cut!

I do like how it manages to catch the breeze!

Chevron dress: Forever 21, Flower studs: kate spade (purchased at T.J. Maxx), Bubble necklace: J.Crew, Envelope clutch: ASOS, Mary Jane pumps: Vince Camuto “Jasper”

If you’re on the hunt for a high-low hemline, here are a few that I’ve found:

Polka Dot High-Low Dress with Belt – Forever 21: $22.80, Crochet Back High-Low Dress – delia*s: $44.50, Trinity Printed High Low Dress – Piperlime: $69

Have you tried a high-low hemline?

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    • I know how you feel! I was very hesitant to try some of the items out, but this dress won me over. I don’t know about buying TONS of high-low items, but mixing it up with this piece was fun!

    • Haha, I was tempted to call it a mullet skirt! But you know how a mullet is “business in the front, party in the back? I feel like a mullet skirt/dress is business in the back and party in the front! 😉

  • The mullet dress! That’s all I’ve heard it referred to as. You definitely made it sound more classy 🙂 It looks cute on you, but I don’t think I could wear one without feeling like a can-can girl!

  • This isn’t “the time or place” to ask this question, but is there any way you can do a post about how to wear fun/sexy cocktail dresses with flats? I am attending a wedding next weekend and due to the huge amount of walking involved in the location, I am super hesitant to wear heels. It seems like the notion of mixing flats with formal dresses isn’t the most popular, and I’m in need of assurance! Can you give it to me?! *pretty please*

    • Hey Mandy!

      Hm – that is actually something I have not yet done personally, but the situation is making me think! My first thought is that if you’re wearing a cocktail dress with flats, I’d go for a sandal rather than an actual shoe. I think I’d have to see the dress itself before I could determine exactly what the best shoe would be, but maybe something like an embellished metallic sandal (not just a simple flip flop) – it would possibly hint at a strappy heel that you would have had if you wore a heel. I’m just looking for examples (not necessarily price right now)…here are a few that came to mind: (fun!) and and

      I hope that helps somewhat…maybe? You’ve now reminded me that I haven’t worn a cocktail dress in quite some time! Perhaps I should have my husband take me out to a nice dinner so I can dress up……

    • Thanks! I really fell in love with it. It took me a long time to find a high-low piece that I actually liked…some of the pieces can be so…strange looking!

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