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DIY Garbage Disposal Refreshers

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DIY Garbage Disposal Refreshers

Did you know April is Earth Month? As a matter of fact, Earth Day is coming up on Wednesday, April 22nd this week! Do you know how you will celebrate? To be honest, I am working to make every day an Earth Day in my home, starting with the DIY garbage disposal refreshers I have to share today, along with some awesome Tom’s of Maine goodies!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve recently taken notice of how many different cleaning products and chemicals I have stored in my home. For some reason I had never been concerned with it in the past, but lately I have taken note of how much I’m exposing myself, my family, and my pets to. There has to be a simpler solution. So, my quest has begun to create my own cleaning products and other household products.

DIY Garbage Disposal Refreshers

The thing is, making natural cleaning products for your house isn’t complicated. You only need a few simple items to put together cleaners for your counters, appliances, floors, and more. Today, I’m tackling the garbage disposal. Do you have a go-to method for cleaning and making your garbage disposal smell fresh? The most common solution I’ve seen people suggest is throwing citrus peels down the disposal and grinding them up. I’ll admit: I used to do that. The fresh citrus smell that comes up after throwing a lime rind in the sink is always great. However – let me warn you against doing the same thing! I used to do this all the time, and then one day I noticed my sink was draining really slow. I couldn’t figure out what was happening, until I peeked down the drain into the disposal….and saw what was probably 50 different lemon and lime peels in a huge pile up. Then I had to spend 20+ minutes carefully fishing all of the rinds out of the sink and disposing of them in the trash. Every time I threw a peel down the disposal and THOUGHT I was grinding it up, I was getting that lovely smell, but clearly the rind wasn’t able to be fully pulverized. Never again. NEVERRRR again! I am careful to dispose of my rinds in my composter (also another eco-friendly option we have at our home!) rather than down the drain now.

So, how about another all natural option, with only 4 simple ingredients? I’m all over it. These DIY garbage disposal refreshers only took me a few minutes to whip up, and pretty much all of the ingredients could be found at the dollar store: score! I highly recommend you create a batch for yourself. You can store them in a sealed jar or container and simply pop one or two of them in the disposal as needed to clean and deodorize!

DIY Garbage Disposal Refreshers

DIY Garbage Disposal Refreshers
These simple to make garbage disposal refreshers will both deodorize and keep your sink smelling fresh!
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • ½ cup salt
  • Juice from 1 lemon (and grated rind - optional)
  • 2-3 tablespoons water
  1. First, add the baking soda and salt to a bowl and mix to combine.
  2. Slowly stir in the lemon juice and water to mix. If you are using the rind of the lemon, use a microplane grater to remove the zest from the lemon and add to the mixture. Stir well to combine: the mixture should be like wet sand. You can add more or less water into the mixture depending on the consistency.
  3. Use a small cookie scoop or rounded teaspoon to drop rounds of the mixture onto a parchment lined baking sheet.
  4. Allow refreshers 24 hours or more to dry. Then, remove from the baking sheet and place in a sealed container to store.

Tom's of Maine

Now, let’s talk hygiene products. That is another area where I want to reduce the amount of chemicals in my life as well. It just so happens that there is a brand who can help me (and you!) out in that department: Tom’s of Maine.

Tom's of Maine

I recently picked up an assortment of their products: Antiplaque & Whitening Peppermint Fluoride Free Toothpaste, Whole Care® Peppermint and Spearmint Fluoride Toothpaste, and Unisex Long Lasting Apricot Deodorant. They even have children’s products for you to consider, like Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry™ Fluoride Toothpaste – how fun for your little ones! What I really like about these products is that they are made with no artificial colors, flavors, fragrances, or preservatives, which is great for the Earth, and great for your body as well! I was able to easily acquire my toothpaste and deodorant at Walmart. And lucky for you, you can click HERE to get $1.00 off any Tom’s of Maine product purchase at Walmart. Score!

So, I want to know: how are you creating Earth friendly items to use in your home?


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  • This is such a good idea that I never thought to do before. We’ve had the same issue with lemons and limes getting stuck in our garbage disposal. This is a great solution to get the nice fragrance without clogging up the drain. #client

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