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Furbaby Friday

Our apartment is 3 stories tall. The entryway is on one floor…you walk up a flight of stairs to the living area. Then, on top of that, we have another set of stairs that leads up to a loft area.

Lucia is familiar with our front entryway’s stairs, but she has never walked up the staircase to the loft. When we first moved into the apartment, we walked her over to the stairs, said “no,” and she has not once walked up them. It is kind of bizarre actually…

What IS funny though is when Justin or I walk up to the loft and start calling Lucia’s name. She can never seem to figure out where the voice is coming from…she starts running around the living room, pokes her head into the kitchen and bathroom, and then back again to the living room. Then she looks up and figures it out. I don’t think she realizes that she can take the stairs to join us up in the loft though…

Sneaky humans, we are.

Happy Friday everyone!


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