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Flamestone Grill – new menu awesomeness!

I absolutely love when a favorite local restaurant comes out with new menu items. As much as I love the “tried and true” of certain menu aspects, bringing something fresh and fun to the table is always a plus.

Flamestone wine glass

Flamestone Grill (located in Oldsmar, FL) recently debuted a number of new menu items, and I was fortunate enough to be invited in to experience them. Over the years, my family has dined there regularly, so I was very excited to see the new look of the menu, as well as the new food offerings.

Flamestone calamari

To start: appetizers! Our table was presented with a wooden plank topped generously with cornmeal dusted calamari and a lemon cracked pepper aioli. I have to admit: I enjoy calamari, but I am typically not one to eat more than 2-3 bites of it. Not with this appetizer, though. The calamari were fried to a perfect golden brown, and the aioli to dip was perfection. I could not stop reaching back to the platter for more.

Flamestone shrimp and grits

Shrimp and grits were up next. They were fried and tossed in a buffalo sauce, then set atop a bed of rich, creamy white cheddar grits.

Flamestone Buffalo Chicken Sliders

Flamestone is also offering butcher block sliders on their appetizer menu. We sampled the buffalo chicken sliders, which offered quite a nice kick to the palate. They were served on pretzel buns, alongside thin cut french fries…yum!

Flamestone goat cheese beet salad

Two different salads from the new menu were served next. My eyes grew wide when I spotted the beet and goat cheese salad. A bed of arugula was topped with beautiful heirloom beets, fried goat cheese, and a honey citrus vinaigrette. I would have been happy to have the entire salad to myself, but alas I had to share. Maybe next time….I’m still thinking about the fried goat cheese.

Flamestone Kale Salad

Our other salad was a kale salad, topped with carrots, peanuts, chopped mint, and a fresh cilantro vinaigrette. I wanted to bottle up the vinaigrette and take it home with me. It was oh so flavorful and fresh.

Flamestone NY Strip

Even though we were feeling full by that time, it was onwards to entrees next! Our table tried two new entrees on the menu. For the meat lovers: a 14oz, richly marbled N.Y. strip steak. It was served alongside mashed potatoes and sauteed brussels sprouts with bacon. Since I don’t eat red meat I can’t speak to the steak (although my dining companions seemed very happy to dig into theirs), but oh my gosh – the brussels! It reminded me that I need to start cooking some in my home very very soon. So tasty.

Flamestone Chilean Sea Bass

Our final entree was the Chilean Sea Bass. It was yuzu marinated, placed atop bamboo rice, and then surrounded by a miso broth. Oh my oh my, was it fantastic. I was wishing to grow a second stomach to accommodate every bite of the entree. The buttery, smooth texture of the Chilean sea bass was complemented so well with the Asian flavors.

Flamestone Sticky Toffee Pudding

But of course, dessert was a must before calling it a night. Somehow, we managed to taste test three of the desserts new to the menu. The sticky toffee pudding was first, with homemade Nutella ice cream and salted caramel. Hold me. It was so rich but so amazing.

Flamestone Peach Cobbler

We also had a cast iron skillet filled with peach cobbler set on the table, with white chocolate macadamia nuts and vanilla ice cream. It is definitely a great size for sharing!

Flamestone donuts

And just when I thought another bite could not possibly be eaten, a fresh “bag o’ donuts” with dipping sauces were delivered. The small fried dough balls of goodness were sprinkled with sugar, and there were three different dipping sauces to please an entire group.

So, if you’re looking for some fresh new menu items at Flamestone Grill, the wait is over! I know we’ll be back soon to enjoy them once again…that goat cheese salad is calling my name…

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