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Perhaps I should have included the information on this particular outfit a few days ago, since I seemed to get a few inquiries about it!

It seems to be a common occurrence with me: if I’m going on a trip, I feel a compulsion to shop for SOMETHING new in the days right before. This was no different with our trip to Arizona. I found myself wandering the halls of the local mall a few days before our departure. I mainly browsed, feeling relatively uninspired by my finds…until I decided to breeze through Forever 21…just to take a peek.

I found this maxi dress there, and it was love at first sight. It seemed to be the perfect pattern to complement our Southwestern destination.

The flutter sleeves are probably my favorite detail on the dress: all of my other maxi dresses are strapless or a tank. This one is a little more covered up!

Maxi dress: Forever 21, $24.99

Fish pendant necklace: Forever 21, $7.99

Bracelet: purchased on clearance at Dillards, $9.99

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban New Wayfarer

Pewter T-strap pumps: daniblack, purchased at Nordstrom

Are you a fan of bold prints on your clothing?


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  • I love it! I noticed it in your post the other day too–love the pattern and colors. So many Maxi dresses I see in the store are floral prints or wide horizontal stripes–I like this much more!

  • oh i love them! i just bought a momo ha ah from the thrift store…i need to do some altering on it but i love the bold pattern of it (floral)

    side note: you should use venues like this more often for your fashion posts, very nice, and much better lighting to show off your beauty!

    • amanda- Thanks! I wish I had Justin around more often during the day to take pictures. It is somewhat tricky to take the pictures with just a tripod and such!

  • I am loving this dress and the fisk neacklace is the perfect piece to go with it! You look awesome!

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