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Stripes and an Elephant Necklace

Two weeks ago I was walking through Dillards as I traversed the mall. As I sauntered through the main aisle, my eyes landed on what had to be one of the largest, most random necklaces I’d ever seen. It was an enormous elephant head pendant on a gold chain, and as soon as I saw it I knew it had to be mine. Mine, mine, mine!

elephant pendant necklace

And as strange as a huge elephant head pendant may seem to be (believe me, I questioned myself about the purchase for a bit, but I was so incredibly drawn to it I didn’t have much of a choice), I’ve actually found a lot of outfits to wear it with so far. It’s such a statement, and I’m totally loving it. Plus, it was only $25, so it didn’t set me back all that much. I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but in the 3 times I’ve worn it I have been stopped by so many people…inquiring where I got it because they like it too. Who would have thought?

stripe dress with elephant necklace

Anyway, I thought my elephant bib necklace would pair well with this awesome black and white striped dress I snagged the other day at Marshalls…for $20. I love how the stripes travel in different directions across the top and bottom of the dress – it’s a good visual, and the fit is classic yet fun. Plus, black and white is all the rage right about now – embracing that particular trend is something I have no problem with!

stripe dress with elephant necklace

stripe dress with elephant necklace

Striped dress: Monteau, purchased at Marshalls (same brand, similar dress here) // Elephant Bib Necklace: Ana & Ava, Dillards // Black envelope clutch: ASOS (similar also at ASOS) // Wedges: Coconuts, purchased 2 years ago at Marshalls (similar at Zappos)

Do you have a statement piece of jewelry that you love wearing?


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  • LOVE this dress on you! And what a fun necklace! I don’t think it’s something I would’ve ever picked up, but seeing I’m so impressed by how great it looks on!

    • Thanks so much! It was definitely a bit of a strange moment when I saw the necklace. I was so drawn to it, and I knew that it was slightly ridiculous in size….but once it was around my neck I knew it was awesome! Funny how things work out that way…kind of like how some clothes look horrible on the hanger but great once you put them on!

  • I love it! I have a necklace with a giraffe pendant, but it’s not that big. And $25 is a great deal for a “risky” piece. Plus, that dress is fab! I’m going to have to scope out Marshall’s more.

    • The $25 price tag was definitely a huge selling point…I don’t know that I would have spent much more for a risk. Honestly, I was really surprised that the price was so low – the pendant is nice and heavy, not flimsy at all! They also have a deal at Dillards for that brand – $25 per necklace, or 2 for $40. Not too bad if you’re looking for more than one piece!

  • Hi Katie! SO GLAD you are loving the Anna & Ava Elephant necklace! And you’re not the only one…it’s one of our bestsellers! The ENTIRE Anna & Ava brand is BUY 2 & SAVE $10…so you can buy any combination of 2 items and SAVE $10!! Check back in September for an over-the-top LION necklace!

    • Thanks so much, Andrea! I can say with 100% honesty that without fail, every time I wear the necklace I get stopped by at least one person that wants to know where I got it. I wish there were other versions too – I would definitely be buying them! And a lion option?!?!?! I HAVE to have it!!!!

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