DIY Paper Flower Pencil Toppers!

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m kicking off the weekend by sharing another awesome craft my students put together recently! We created sets of flower pencil toppers using coffee filters and crepe paper streamers. Cute, right?

coffee filter flower pencil toppers

Head over to Curious & Crafty to see the tutorial and leave some comment love! Have a great weekend!

The temperatures are warming up and the flowers are starting to bloom. We thought we would create some flowers of our own; ones that will not wither or wilt! They can bring a bit spring to your writing…and are great for any season of the year! On a rainy day, these pencils can bring you some sunshine.

These flowers were inspired by a tutorial on Aunt Peaches, but we wanted our flowers to sit on top of the pencils we use at school! For this craft, we set the skill level to medium. It takes a little getting used to for the paper folding technique! But you can let your creativity shine by using different colors (and orders of the colors) for your pencil toppers.

You could create a set of pencils to gift to friends or family…or even use pens if you prefer.

Even though the difficulty level is a bit higher for this craft, you don’t have to be perfect when you are creating your toppers. As you make your pleated papers, if they aren’t folded evenly, it won’t make a big difference: as you roll up your flower, the imperfection will make your flower look more natural!

What are you creating to celebrate spring?

DIY Paper Flower Pencil Toppers

Materials Needed:

Coffee filters (or crepe paper streamers) – 6-7 per flower

Pencil (or pen)

Clear tape


Water and food coloring (if desired)


1. If you would like your coffee filters to be colored, add a few drops of food coloring of your choice into a bowl of water. Gently soak the coffee filters for a few seconds in the water until the color is absorbed. Then, hang the filters to dry. When dry, continue with the next step!

2. Stack the coffee filters and fold in half (taco style). Then, fold them again (to look like a slice of pizza or a nacho).

3. Use a pair of scissors to cut a scallop shape or zig zags about 2 inches from the bottom point of the coffee filter stack. Then, cut a scallop or pointy shape along the top curved edge of the stack. Set the small pointed pieces aside (they will be small circular shapes), then open the larger pieces from the stack – they will be a large donut shape. Use the scissors to cut through one side of the filters.

4. Arrange the filters into the color pattern you desire, starting with the small pointy pieces, followed by the larger ones. The last pieces you use will be the outside of your flower; the first ones will be the inside.

5. Tear a piece of tape about one foot long and place it sticky side up on your work space. Take the small circular pieces first: pinch the center of the paper, then twist. Place the pointed end of the twisted piece on the tape, about one inch from the end. Repeat for all of the small circular pieces, placing them next to each other on the tape, about 1/2 inch apart.

6. When you have added all of the center pieces, it is time to move on to the larger ones. Carefully fold one of the larger (donut) pieces in an accordion pleat and attach them to the tape next to the pointed pieces. Repeat with the rest of the coffee filter pieces. If you need more tape as you continue, rip off additional pieces and attach them to the end of the strip. We recommend adding only a small amount of tape at a time to keep the tape from sticking to you!

7. Place the eraser end of your pencil on to the end of the tape/paper strip where you began. Twist and pinch to attach the paper strip to the pencil. Continue wrapping and twisting around the top of the pencil until you have reached the end of the strip. A flower shape should begin to form.

8. Fluff the layers of paper with your fingers to open the flower up fully. You can cover the clear tape on the bottom of the flower with some patterned washi tape if desired!

9. Sharpen your pencil, and take notes in style!

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