DIY Fall Feather Wreath

I don’t want to admit how long it took us to get our Halloween decorations taken down this year. Because it is embarrassing. I should have been outside on November 1st, pulling up the skeletons and such. But yeah…a few days may or may not have went by. Minor details. But once my DIY Skull Wreath was taken down from our front door, I knew it was time to replace it with something more seasonal. So – my quest to create my DIY Fall Feather Wreath began.

DIY Fall Feather Wreath

You guys – everything is CHRISTMAS themed already. As much as I love that season, it kind of drives me crazy that as soon as the very first day of November rolls around, I’ve pretty much missed out on any opportunity to get something Thanksgiving-related. I headed in to the craft store like an idiot, thinking I’d be able to easily score some pretty fall flowers, leaves, and the like to create a pretty wreath for our door. WRONG! It’s jingle bells, red, green, Santa, and sleigh bells everywhere. Thankfully, I was able to be a little bit tricky and I got my hands on a pretty grape vine wreath that definitely gave the autumnal look I was going for. Score.

DIY Fall Feather Wreath materials

Then, the search for adornments was the toughest challenge. Amid the insane amounts of Christmas themed goods, I managed to make a discovery.

DIY Fall Feather Wreath feather picks

These glittery picks were packed in among the Christmas decorations, but the gold, bronze, and brown tones were just what I was searching for. I loved the feather shape of them; they almost reminded me of turkey feathers when I fanned them out, imagining how they would look when I attached them to the wreath. Done and done. And at 75 cents a piece – totally affordable.

DIY Fall Feather Wreath wood letter

I also grabbed this small wooden C (for our last name) from the wood craft section of the store…just for a little something extra. A little bit of metallic gold spray paint (that I had on hand after my DIY spider web bowl from Halloween) was all I needed to make it blend in to perfection.

DIY Fall Feather Wreath gold wood letter

Creating this DIY Fall Feather Wreath was pretty darn simple. All I needed was some hot glue and 30 minutes of my day to assemble it. First, I spray painted the wooden letter and allowed it to dry while I was working on the rest of the wreath.

DIY Fall Feather Wreath layout

Next, I plugged in my glue gun and began arranging the glittery feathers on the wreath until I came to a configuration I enjoyed. I thought about making the pattern symmetrical, but it turned out I enjoyed it better when some of the feathers were left open on one side, exposing the pretty vines the wreath is made out of.

DIY Fall Feather Wreath how to make

To attach the feathers, I started by gluing down the feather on the very top of the wreath. I also made sure to stick the bottom feather (of the left side) in the spot I wanted it to be placed…just so I could visualize the proper spacing as I glued down each feather. I worked my way from the top feather all the way down to the center feather. Then, I repeated the process with the right side of the wreath. When all of the feathers were attached, I made sure to do a visual inspection around all of the sides to make sure the feathers were fully glued down, and added additional hot glue as needed. With the vine wreath, the surface isn’t flat and smooth, so it was a bit more challenging to get the feathers secure…not hard, but just in need of an additional eye on the glue spots to ensure they weren’t pulling free from the wreath!

Finally, I used a generous amount of hot glue to attach the wooden letter to the bottom of the wreath, and voila!!! My DIY Fall Feather Wreath was complete and ready to adorn our front door.

DIY Fall Feather Wreath

I am quite pleased with how quick this DIY project was to create, and what is even better? The price – I spent less than $10 on the materials for this bad boy. That’s what I’m talking about. So, for the next few weeks my door is going to be looking nice and autumnal…until the Christmas themed wreath gets created and replaces it. I probably should buy my materials now…because if I want until around Thanksgiving, the only things I’m likely to find will be Valentine’s Day related….yeeeesh!

DIY Fall Feather Wreath

Do you have a fall wreath on your door? Did you make it yourself?


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