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Closet Organization with Ziploc® Space Bags!

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Ziplock® Space Bags

I can hardly believe that December is upon us, and the New Year is quickly approaching. Did you accomplish everything you set out to do in 2015? Or, are you already looking forward and making plans for 2016? As the year wraps up, I know I’m looking ahead and thinking about some home-related goals I want to accomplish. One of those happens to be de-cluttering my home from top to bottom. It just so happens that one of those areas that needs attention is my closet space. So, today I’m sharing a little bit of closet organization with Ziploc® Space Bags®!

I’m telling you, I’ve just about had enough of the clutter in my home. It isn’t that my house is dirty per se, it’s just that when you live in a small home like mine, once one tiny item is out of place, an entire room can look messy! Go figure. With the limited amount of space in our closets, it is essential for Justin and I to think about how to utilize them in the most effective way possible.

Ziplock® Space Bags

I have somehow accumulated a ton of clothes over the years, and I think that is probably the biggest challenge I have when it comes to closet space and closet organization. As I have aged I’ve added pieces to my wardrobe that are classics and aren’t items that you simply get rid of at the end of a season. Of course, therein lies my dilemma: how do I store them when they aren’t in season without taking up an entire closet in the spare bedroom? Because let’s be honest: that is EXACTLY what has been happening. I have to laugh: we technically have a second bedroom in our house. You know: a GUEST bedroom. But in reality that room mainly serves as a huge extra closet for us. The shame!!!! I hate to admit it, but it’s true. Taking control of the problem recently was essential, so I hopped in my car and headed to Lowe’s for a solution. It’s reality: Lowe’s is one of those stores that is always helpful to have nearby, and I probably visit at least once a week. On this visit, the solution to my problem came in the form of Ziploc® Space Bags®!

Ziplock® Space Bags


As soon as I walked through the double doors of Lowe’s, I beelined for the home organization section. Note to self: I should probably spend more time in that area of the store in the future. As soon as I turned down the aisle, my eyes locked on the Ziploc® Space Bags®, and it was all pretty simple from there! I selected two different varieties to tackle my closet problems: a box of 3 large flat bags, and a flat combo with 1 medium, 1 large, and 1 extra large bag. These bags provide 3 times the storage space*, and that excites me!

(*compared to uncompressed storage volume)

Ziplock® Space Bags

Ziplock® Space Bags

So, how do they work, you ask? The process is pretty straightforward (always a plus)! You fill the bag (no farther than the fill line), seal it, and then use the hose attachment of your vacuum to remove all of the air and compress the items inside!!! The more neatly you stack the items inside the bag, the better the final results!

I love that I can pack away my nice clothing in a Ziploc® Space Bag® with peace of mind: the clothing is no longer taking up much needed room in our house, but I know my clothes are still going to be in perfect condition when the next year rolls around and I need to exchange one season of clothes for another. I don’t have to worry about putting my clothes in a box in the garage, where the Florida humidity and heat could get to them. Plus, the bags are reusable, so you can unseal and reseal more than once!

When you are packing away clothing in a Ziploc® Space Bag®, spend a few minutes making strategic decisions about which items will go in each bag. Perhaps you place all of your black clothing in one bag. Maybe organize them by item type: button down shirts in one bag, sweaters in another, pants in yet another! For children’s clothing, it might be useful to seal up items according to size – you could keep all of your 2T clothing in a bag/bags to have on hand to pull out for a younger sibling at a later date! In the end, if you spend a few moments making thoughtful choices about which items are placed in each bag, it will save you many more in the future when all you have to do is pull down one bag to unseal it, rather than sift through many! You could even go one step farther and attach labels to the outside of the bags listing which items/sizes are inside each package. Brilliant! Just make sure to not place any fur or leather items in a bag: they are not meant to go inside!


Ziplock® Space Bags

Ziploc® Space Bags® are ideal for storing away your out of season clothing, but also think about using them for other items like blankets and pillows. Justin and I change out our comforter throughout the year: we use a down comforter in the winter and a lighter one in the warmer months. A down comforter usually takes up a lot of space on our closet shelf, but not when it’s packed away in a Ziploc® Space Bag®! And just take a look at the before and after of those pillows! Can you believe the difference in space taken up when they were free versus compressed in a Ziploc® Space Bag®? Unbelievable! My closet is about to have a LOT more space available thanks to these bags…

So, how would you use Ziploc® Space Bags® for closet organization (or home organization in general)? I’d love to hear your thoughts below: you can also visit the social hub for more ideas to get you started! You can also become a fan of Ziploc® Brand on Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube!


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