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Clearwater Beach Uncorked 2014

After spending seemingly the entire week in a funk because of sickness, I somehow (miraculously) managed to nurse myself back to health in time for the weekend’s festivities. I had plans to attend Clearwater Beach Uncorked, and darn it, I needed to be in good health!

We attended the very first Uncorked event back in 2012 and had an enjoyable time, so Justin and I were looking forward to experiencing how the event has grown over the past two years. Clearwater Beach Uncorked is a yearly event that takes place outside under a tent on Clearwater Beach (in front of the Hyatt); a perfect location to wiggle your toes in the soft white sand. Attendees are treated to food from local restaurants, wine (of course), some spirits, and food related products. This year, a DJ played music to keep the mood light, and merriment ensued as guests moved from table to table.

Clearwater Beach Uncorked Wine

As much as I would like to share each and every bite/sip we experienced, the reality was that the event was quite busy and I didn’t have the opportunity to snap a photo of every item that I laid my hands on. C’est la vie! However, I will share some of the goodies!

Clearwater Beach Uncorked Grillsmith Bruschetta

You can’t go wrong with bruschetta, can you? It was provided by GrillSmith, along with some lemon feta chicken.

Clearwater Beach Uncorked Lindt chocolate

I couldn’t pass up a few squares of Lindt chocolate…especially the kind with a touch of sea salt! I was really hoping to get my hands on some of the Chili variety, but was not lucky enough. Maybe some day soon…

Clearwater Beach Uncorked SHOR

One of the most eye catching presentations of the event was from SHOR – they created seafood paella in a HUGE pan on the beach. I loved the little boats they served it in as well…

Clearwater Beach Uncorked Buitoni

Buitoni tortellini were served up and topped with some parmesan cheese blends by Mama Francesca…which I have to say is my new go-to for a shake of parmesan (when I don’t grate it). Their blends are flavorful and definitely beat out the regular Kraft cheese shaker, in my opinion!

Clearwater Beach Uncorked Oystercatchers

Oystercatchers served up an adorable clamshell dish of crab and cheese grits, topped with a scallop – we may or may not have grabbed second helpings.

Clearwater Beach Uncorked BayStar Restaurants crab cake

I have to say my favorite plate of the event went to Bay Star Restaurant Group (Island Way Grill, Rumba, Marlin Darlin, etc.) – they served up a delicious crab cake with a tomato basil relish and a side of fresh tuna. I wish I’d gone back for seconds of this one!

Clearwater Beach Uncorked

And of course, one of the nice things about events like Clearwater Beach Uncorked is the ability to meet up with friends! I happened to run into a few blogging friends, but was able to spend some time walking around with Isabel (aka Family Foodie); even though we’re practically neighbors it sometimes takes an event for us to get together and socialize!

Thanks again to Clearwater Beach Uncorked for inviting me to the event this year; it was a wonderful time!

Do you have local food/wine events you like to attend?

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